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The Federal Income Tax Scam

It's the biggest financial scam in the history of the world. No exaggeration. Here's how the scam works:

Not knowing the custom legal definitions of THREE important terms defined in Title 26, the Internal Revenue Code, ignorant payroll clerks report to the IRS that:

1. YOU are an "employee" as defined in the code.
2. He and/or his company is an "employer" as defined in the code.
3. You were paid "wages" as that term is defined in the code.

The IRS simply holds this information and waits for more "evidence" in the form of testimony from another party. Unfortunately, that other party is YOU. You (being just as ignorant as the payroll clerk)provide the IRS with all they need to make a "legal" claim to your property when you testify under penalty of perjury, that you made "wages" as an "employee" working for an "employer." (you file a return) All that is left is for you to claim deductions and demand reimbursment, etc.

Should you find out later about the true definition of the controlling terms, the IRS has an airtight alibi that sounds something like this: "We never told you that you owed the government money - YOU TOLD US!!!

This is why, if you write or contact the IRS and ask them to point out the code section that makes your earnings taxable income, they will NEVER EVER discuss the law with you. They will threaten you and advise you against frivolous schemes, etc.

Now if the law actually made your private sector earnings taxable, shouldn't they simply point to the code section and say "see, it says right here - you made money, you owe the government. But they can't - so they don't. I know. I've sent the letter, got the bullshit reply.

There's a way to stop paying, and the IRS provides the form.

Need more info? no bullshit, nothing to buy. WSHIELDS@COMCAST.NET

Think about it. A protest by OBEYING the law!! Civil Obedience!!

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Filing a form? So you are going to give them MORE

evidence that you think the law applies to you when it doesn't?

How absurd?

And dangerous!

Sorry, if the law doesn't apply to me, I don't need to fill out a form that is only for taxpayers to file.

Why would a non-taxpayer file a form only taxpayers file?

Wouldn't that be giving the government evidence to use against you in court that you really do think you are a taxpayer? (i.e. - that an internal revenue tax has been imposed upon you)

I call - government shill.

Beware of anyone who attempts to con you into building a case against yourself while claiming to give you a silver bullet.

Why not...

post the info here?
Instead of,
"Need more info? no bullshit, nothing to buy. WSHIELDS@COMCAST.NET "???
Thanks for posting this. This is a start to starving the beast we know as the fed!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!