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Ron And Rand Paul Among Most Conservative In 112th Congress According To The ‘DW-NOMINATE’ Statistical Method

Texas Congressman Ron Paul (R) and his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) were ranked as two of the most conservative members of the 112th Congress based on data from statistical method known as DW-NOMINATE, according to the website Voteview.com.

The statistical methodology, DW-NOMINATE (an acronym for dynamic, weighted Nominal Three-Step Estimation), in a nutshell ranks members on legislative roll-call voting behavior.

The elder Paul was ranked as second most conservative member in the House of Representatives by the multidimensional scaling method created by University of Georgia political science professor Keith Poole and New York University professor Howard Rosenthal.

Dr. Ron Paul was second to Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake (R). Following Flake and Paul as most conservative were Paul Broun of Georgia, Tom Graves also of Georgia and Justin Amash of Michigan.


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