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Please stop associating Ron Paul with conspiracy theories

EDIT: I take it back, Ron Paul himself has associated himself with conspiracies and that makes this thread bogus. While I still believe it scares off new people, I also know that I had to read a lot of these conspiracies more than once for it to sink in. I denied them to myself, but you can't unread or unlearn it. I just downvoted my own thread, from the first comment you guys have changed my attitude and I commend you for it. The original post is still below, thank you.

No offense to truthers, I appreciate what you do and I thank you for never shrinking from controversy. However, I'm asking you to tone it down and here is why.

I found this site through google searches on Ron Paul and the like when I was just getting into this thing about a year or so ago. It seems like all roads lead to the Daily P.Au.L. through internet searches. This is important because many people just getting interested in Ron Paul come to this site. These new people are likely to be skeptical of conspiracy theories and get offended when they read things like "9/11 was an inside job, Bin Laden didn't die in 2010, Sandy Hook didn't happen"...etc.

The problem is that they then discredit Ron Paul and our movement and never come back. You're turning the newly awakened back into sheep. I'm not asking you to stop educating us with the truth, I'm just asking that I not have to read this stuff on the front page of a site associated with the name Paul. Take it somewhere else, put it in the off topic or weird stuff forums, do anything but associate it with the good Doctor. Please.

There is a reason that Ron Paul hasn't publicly come out and endorsed conspiracy theories. It's hard enough to bring people over from the dark side as it is. The conspiracy threads are making it harder.

EDIT: I lied, Ron Paul had endorsed conspiracies. You guys are good, I'm not sure where I stand on this right now. http://youtu.be/2dECSYm5bSM

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Fishy, I really appreciate

Fishy, I really appreciate you and all your contribution but I think he was talking about preaching to the choir vs. preaching to the unconverted.

I personally will examine any reasonable argument backed by evidence and a scientific thought process no matter how far fetched, but I have to agree as I am sure you will that right or wrong people judge on first impression and we need to do better with that sometimes when addressing issues and those who might over-speculate on current and historical events.

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“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul