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Bill Would Exempt SC-made Guns From Federal Rules


Proposed legislation would exempt weapons made in South Carolina from federal regulations.

Sen. Lee Bright's Firearms Freedom Act would mean that firearms, ammunition and gun accessories made in South Carolina aren't subject to federal rules and oversight. Bright says his bill would allow South Carolina manufacturers to skirt federal regulations because the materials would not cross state lines.

The Roebuck Republican pre-filed the bill on Dec. 13, a day before massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn, where a gunman killed 20 children and six adults.

Eight other states have already approved similar proposals, and dozens of others are considering them. Legislation approved in Montana is being challenged in federal court.

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I know it well...

What products are actually made in SC?

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We make BMW's in Greenville

but I dont know of any gun companies

States are pushing back more.

States are pushing back more. I like it. Unfortunately, I'm in a state full of politicians and voters who couldn't reason their way out of a hairnet.

My home away from home did it too! (Alaska)

They even went so far as to state that, they had a legal obligation to represent anyone that the Feds went after.

More states is great!

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for sC

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way to go,maybe a trip is in order? :)

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come on

down! It is also warmer!