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How does one go about being a "truther"?

I made a thread this morning trying to calm down truthers here. Through good arguments and directly proving my entire premise wrong, I'm on your side now. How do you go about being a truther in public? I know it's not easy but I'm in, I want to help out the truth.

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Okay. Yes. Yes. Awesome. What?!!


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1+2=3 but let's forget the 1?

I'm sorry Granger, it appears that the lady doth protest too much.

Reduce it to a simple equation, "1+2=3", and we want to find the truth of the 3. You're saying we should forget about the 1, and just study the 2 in order to find the completeness and totality of the 3.

You're promoting leaving a piece of the puzzle out of the completion of the puzzle. This in itself is puzzling.

While I'm still sick and tired of feeling sick and tired (and started, and chose not to continue reading that book -- it seemed depressing), I'm concerned about your stated methodology.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. - Fully Informed Jury Association - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

I'm not saying or suggesting you forget anything

I'm saying the controlled demolitions are TRUTH, but not the kind of truth that is going to get arrests, indictments.

Exposure is important in waking people up...

...even if indictments do not come or are slow to come.

If other pieces of the puzzle are necessary for indictments to happen, that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with exposing what is evidenced already.

But then I'm posting this to someone who called a fellow member a sellout for wanting to put together a video to expose the outrageous things that happened at the convention, so perhaps I wasted keystrokes here.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with posting 911 truth

I stand for your right and priveledge to post 911 truth to your hearts content. I don't see a smoking gun in it.

I believe the vast majority KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that 911 was controlled demolition.

I'm not seeing it bring justice.

I don't recall the post you are refering; however, I bet you are not a Republican, or on a GOP committee, or even interested in being on one, because you hate the GOP and would rather destroy it, which is counter-productive to what those of us who did join the GOP for RP, took seats, and face the Neocons and corruption in the GOP.. so a vid that works against us, in Ron Paul's name.. is a sell out because it undermines our mission to restore the republic.

All of this HATE AMERICA,, HATE America for 911.. HATE America for the RNC.. that's not going to bring justice or win us anything, but a NWO.

So according to you, folks are ~America haters~ and ~sellouts~

...for trying to expose lies and corruption.

Good grief.

Not at all

According to me, SOME people who "expose lies and corrpution", expose lies and corruption as PROOF: America is no good and needs to be destroyed.

Do you disagree?

Spare me the b.s., Granger. Those here whom you belittle...

...with your mocking and condescending attitude for trying to expose lies and corruption have given you NO call for the ~America hater/sellout~ picture you tried to paint of them above.

What you implied came out loud and clear and is evidenced in your comments elsewhere on this forum, so quit trying to weasel out of your outrageous remarks.

Can you name names?

I'm really curious who you think I'm belittling.

I'm attempting to make clear what I don't agree with and why, concerning 911 Truth. I'm not calling anyone names like weasel, psy-op, govt troll, stupid, etc, what I have been called. It's not in my heart or my head. People have a right to their opinion and I stand for their right to express it. I'm going to express mine too, and if you disagree, my hope is that we can agree to disagree.

If you personally feel that I have belittled you, I apologise. And for those who feel hurt and belittled by my opinion, of 911 controlled demolation, I also suncerely apologuse. It is not my intent to belittle or hurt anyone.

Sincerely, The Granger.
PS, I have never asked MN or the mods to ban or censor any topic or poster because FREEDOM of speach is popular and I stand for that.

I did not suggest that you asked for censorship or ban.

Just because you haven't asked banning or censoring of topics doesn't make your approach any less belittling or condescending or mocking when someone's activism doesn't align with yours or measure up to what you think they should be doing.

You say you stand for peoples' right to post about things, but you show little respect the activism of others.

You equated the exposing of lies and corruption regarding 9/11 and the RNC with hating America and being a sellout. You mock those who wave signs. You wield baseless presumptions at people. You get in peoples' faces demanding to know if they are on a committee, even when it has nothing to do with the discussion at hand, and lambaste them if they are not (and I don't mean just where you tried to do that to me above), as if it is any of your business whether people are on committees or are delegates or any of those things.

Granger, I can respect that you and others take part in things like the party, committees, being a delegate, etc. But realize that everyone does not have to play the same part. Just because we may each have different roles doesn't mean that each of us can't make a difference with whatever form of activism one chooses.

Just because there have been no indictments in 9/11 doesn't mean it's a waste of time to expose the lies and corruption about it or with ANYTHING relevant to our liberties. Contrary to what you said about most people knowing these things, I don't think that is the case at all outside of the movement.

As someone who advocates for people to try to join the party to try to change things from within, you should recognize the need for people to wake up first to what is going or they are not even going to understand the point.

Exposing the lies and corruption is NOT counter-productive, but attacking or belittling others' activism is.

Perhaps we all could learn to be a little more respectful.


I posted that I have never asked to ban or censor anyone because it is a fact. I've seen many posts asking folks to ban and censor 911 Truth and I think it's important to make the distinction that I have not.

Can you honestly tell me that you have never read any post concerning 911 Truth where the poster admits they fear and loath the government because of 911?

Again I apologise that you find my posts belittling and condescending for that's not my porpose..

I am asking people to show up to these committees, support the RP Republicans, and see for yourself what we are facing. Talk about lies.. MSM lies about the GOP too... they have worked very hard to turn people off to the GOP to gut it (there's an inside job) I have admitted many times.. the GOP is not what I thought it was.. we can take this party, and why not?

While my challenge may turn off many, such as yourself, it has also encouraged few who some are now seated on committees too.. my committee is growing, so I am very happy, as I am not alone. I might have been the fist, but I am not the strongest nor will I be the last. RP started something good with the GOP and folks should see for themselves.

I will also admit this, I have never been a salesperson, so I'm not good at selling people ideas. I did manage a band once, and I guess that was a form of selling.. but really it was more arranging and contracts...

Everything I did as an unassociated politcal activist was many times harder than being on a committee.. the GOP pays for it.. so why not use it?

With all due respect.

Certainly nothing wrong with extending an invitation...

...for people to join the party or the committees. I remember bumping your thread even that you had made.

Regarding sales, while it was not my primary job, I have done some in the past. It is not my forte'. But approach does matter. How the challenge/invitation is done and the level of interest in the product itself are going to make a difference.

The recent bitcoin pitch is a good example. The poster's pitches for bitcoin, and his request for Michael to accept bitcoin, were overwhelming, pushy, manipulative, and demanding. It was also a product that many seemed to be wary or skeptical of. The overall reception as I recall was not so favorable.

Could that change? Perhaps. Same with interest in the GOP.

If being on the committee works for you, that is great. You can continue to extend the invitation and share your successes and the advantages which may appeal to others and possibly persuade them.

There are going to be those, however, who are not so interested in the political/campaign/election-oriented side of things who may never be persuaded that way, yet still participate in the movement in other ways. Hopefully the contributions of each can be respected.

Just like in a baseball organization, not everyone has the same function. As rhino used to say, we all have our roles. :P

Granger, I would like to thank you for the respectful reply.

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year.

Very good points!

I will also admit, I can't write, my spelling is embarrassing, dyslexia is my biggest ememy becasue it means I really don't see straight.

THANK YOU for a wonderful post with good points and kindness. I can learn from you, so I look forward to reading more of your posts in 2013!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ((((((((Juminy Cricket)))))))))))

It takes many.

The folks that look into 911, you on committee, me reaching out to others and working local. So it's not really a big deal for me if one chooses certain battles.

fyi: controlled dem proves that it wasn't just from planes. This leads to other investigations, connecting dots, such as when were they planted, how, who, where did the devices come from, etc. To rule it out and just say it was planes would not serve or provide the truth. There is overwhelming data that explains it which can not be refuted. Vaporized rubber doesn't happen from heat, jet fuel or flames, especially blocks away. This is common knowledge. It also provides explanation why they imploded and not exploded.

I get my share of down votes too, lol :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

It leads to

bogus investigations, frame ups, more cover-ups and deaths of innocent people.

As you know, I'm very independent, and do not appreciate being forced to think like anyone or everyone else. Maybe 911 Truth should start having folks sign a loyalty oath? Works for the GOP. (Hey! a 911 Truth Party.. there you go// there's something that could be productive, eh?

Where I live, I'd say the vast majority don't believe MSM/ Govt. story, and even if it was 100% or more, that believe controlled demolation was the key... it's a key that won't turn (and that's why wee the people are being given it).

Who you got?


Free includes debt-free!

Ron Paul

Ron Paul who taught me that while truth and justice may be out of reach/touch with tptb controlling our government, we can still find ways to stand for peace and prosperity by turning the tables..

You see, Ron Paul seperated himself from the pack of presidential hopeful's in 08 when he "educated" Guiliani and brought up 911 as a foreign police issue and why we need to get out of the wars started from 911. It was a brilliant move, and showed us what makes the humble, mild, kind Ron Paul a dangerous force.

Ron Paul teaches us that there are more than one way to skin a cat.

sharkhearted's picture

Dodging the questions AS issue...

...a pathetic response.

Wow. Is that all you can say??

Essentially, with your lame response: You are IGNORING 3000 innocent people and first responders who died that day....and then 6,000 of our troops that have because of that day.

Not to worry. Despite the efforts to contain it...the like water.

Nothing can stop it.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

I don't agree

I'm not ignoring anything, and that includes your disrespectful capitalizing of the deaths of the inncoent involved for your own lame agenda.

Shame on you.

I take your insults and cursing as proof you have nothing, no evidense, no justice, no truth, just hate.

sharkhearted's picture

You are ignoring EVERYTHING....

Where is your call for a new investigation?

Let's see it.

What are YOU doing to avenge the deaths of 3,000 innocent people that day and 6,000 of our young men and women because of that day??


Just being paid to provide propaganda,disinformation, and psy-ops on people who are actually doing something about it.

No mind.

As I said...the TRUTH is like water.

Nothing...not even YOU....can stop it.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Where is MY call for an investigation?

If I was the congressperson in my area, I would APPEAL for a 911 invesetigation that had nothing to do with the controlled demolation and everything to do with The Clintons, Jon Corzine, Guilliani (who I believe was also clueless) Christine Whitman, Donald DiFrancisco, John Farmer, John Bennett, Richard Codey, Jim McGreevy, Blackwater and other contractors, including those from Isael, AE, Singapour, Taiwan, England, Canada, the owner of Cantor Fitzgerlad, Larry Silverman, Donald Trump, a number of people at the UN, and others, who would be treated to a Military trubunal, detention under the Patriot Act and new laws that apply to terrorists, and they would have to prove themselves innocent, just like anyone who has been arested as a terrorist.

What I am doing is following RP's lead into the GOP where I now have a committee seat, that affords me to become the establishment rather than think that not being the establishment gives you any way to do anything but sign wave.

You have to have a willing establishment for a 911 investigation. I'm open and willing. Unless the establishment changes from the inside, with people who are wanting justice (not vengence). But simply to do to the leaders at that time, what they have done to the people since 911 (Patriot Act..etc).

I do not see truth like water. I see truth like beauty, in the eye of the beholder, and we are all blind.. like the 6 blind men and the elephant.. know that story?

I'm not attempting to stop any investigation.. or your droning on about 911 obcessed with controlled demolation. By all means, like water.. go with your flow. Enjoy your life.

Are you accusing me of being psy-ops? Is this more than twice you have implied that? Because I don't believe controlled demolition is the "smoking gun" but a "controlled facade" to keep truth and justice off the table you attack me? What's up with that? What's the truth? My truth is you're beginning to appear to be one who is being paid to keep people focused on controlled demolition, and that's why you attack me, I'm beyond that.. better keep me in check?

Seems the answer we have as to how to be a Truther is, "Chime in with those who focus on controlled demolition, don't have any of your own ideas.. or be attacked by them". Doesn't matter how many times I have posted "controlled demolition" OBVIOUSLY IT WAS A CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.. but that's all you've got and what I'd like to know is why that's all you harp on... your avenge and investigation go no further,, only names Dick Cheney.. it's lame, really lame.

sharkhearted's picture

Your logic is flawed.

You can NOT ignore the scientific fact of controlled demolition...without ALSO indicting the Bush Administration.

You ignore the fact that Dick Cheney issued the order to NORAD to stand down.

You ignore the fact that the Bush Administration blocked....BLOCKED an official investigation of the events of 9-11 for four hundred eleven days...until housewives of the victims (the Jersey Girls)....forced...FORCED the Administration to finally cough up a report.

Turns out that 800 page report, controlled by the arch-neocon Phillip Zelikor....did not even mention...MENTION the strange, strange "collapse" of a third building that day.

YOUR problem is that you are hiding behind the GOP as if they are "clueless"...meanwhile placing the blame outside the GOP.

The salient fact, is that the GOP (and an administration that I totally and embarassiingly voted for all times), was in power at the times of these events...and that that administration did EVERYTHING WITHIN ITS POWE)R,,,to prevent a proper investigation. don't have to have, as you say "a willing establishment for a 9-11 investigation."

F-U-C-K the "Establishment."

You just have to DO IT.

Which we will yours and my lifetime...and with...or without you.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Talk about flawed logic

Controlled Demolition is obvious. It's so OBVIOUS, it's what tptb want us to focus on. Enjoy.

Do you know why Cheney ordered NORAD to stand down? Know who advised him and why?

Official investigation? Official? Here in the USA, official comes in many shapes and forms, so what do you mean "official"? Executive office investigation? CIA? FBI? Military Intel? Judicial?

Yeah, they coughed up a report.. How did that work for you?

Why would he mention the collapsed buildings? You going to take them to trial?

Are you giving the Democratis Party elected members who were Governming NY and NJ a free pass? Or are you saying Bush wasn;'t such a dummy after all? You voted for Bush, not me. What do you know?

The Democratic Party was in control of NY and NJ. So maybe you don't believe that states should be sovreign from the feds?

Patriot Act is unconstitutional and untested.

Passing the Patriot Act was an Act of Treason.

The proof of guilt is in the Congressional Record.

We could start with that lot!

Free includes debt-free!


I understand we call that, "Restoring the Republic".

thanks Sharkhearted

Well put.


Ask why we are funding Al Qaeda terrorists with tax $$$

I thought that GB said that you're either with us or with the terrorists meanwhile, his dad's buds with the Bin Laden family and the USS Cole was never investigated.

Show the outright incompetence of the USG to "get" the boogeyman, and some people might start to wonder what is going on. For the Christian types, ask why we are funding rebels to slaughter blacks and Christians (not mutally exclusive, of course) and overthrow moderate Muslim countries with radical jihadi countries.

Also, ask why the number 2 shareholder of Fox "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" is Saudi prince Bin Talal whose number one religious and economic enemy is Shiite Iran. How very convenient.

These thoughts can lead into the possibility of the whole 9/11 false flag, but takes the back door in.

How to be a truther?

FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS OBCESS on 911 being an inside job, blame America, display tons of hate and paranoia, and attack anyone who thinks you're wasting your time, boring, an idiot, or wrong. Email everyone reams of 911 stuff, even when they ask you to stop.

Get some "911 was an inside job" CDs and attend OWS, or any public event, standing on any corner, and try to pass out the CDs, and then come on DP and any blogg that does not censor you and repeatedly inform everyone that 911 was an inside job.

Accept nothing as the truth while you claim to seek the truth.

right, because buildings

right, because buildings collapse into their own footprint everyday for no reason.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

no reason?

Saying 911 ws an inside job is like saying, "the Federal Reserve Bank is part of the government becasue they are federal".. or "FRB notes are real money because everyone in America uses them."