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Advice for a new college grad. Please help!

I am a college student and will be graduating shortly with a degree but I am unsure where/how to invest my money.

I am wary of 401Ks and other savings plans which I believe the government (and possibly corporations) will move to confiscate as the economy continues to deteriorate. However, this decision depends greatly on the timescale in which collapse will occur. The tax free incentives to a 401K, IRA and other savings plans are hard to pass up if the FED can continue to paper over the economy for another decade or more.

As you may have guessed, I want to invest in hard money (gold and silver) for sure but beyond that I am unsure of where to put my money.

In short, I value the opinion of DailyPaulers and would like to know where like-minded people who share my view of the economy are investing their money. Who do you use for financial advice? How do you make financial/investment decisions and what information/websites/resources do you trust the most?

Any help and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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