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Marijuana Policy Project Details Next States to Legalize

The national advocacy group Marijuana Policy Project scored a major win in Colorado, where they funded 90 percent of the Amendment 64 campaign. Today, they detail their plans for legalization in future states.

In California, The Marijuana Policy Project intends to work with local and national groups to build public support for a tax and regulate ballot initiative in 2016. This will put them at odds with fringe groups who’ll want to go for it in 2014, which experts say could be disastrous.

The MPP is also aiming to tax and regulate pot in Nevada and Massachusetts in 2016, they write us.

In Oregon, MPP says it has teamed up with leading activists to pass a tax and regulate bill through the legislature in 2013, as well as plan for a potential ballot initiative in 2016.

MPP also hopes to pass a tax and regulate bill through the Maine legislature in 2013, as well as work to pass local ballot measures in 2014 to build support for a potential tax and regulate initiative in 2016.