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Watch This Movie! "Seven Days In May"

Watch This Movie!: "Seven Days In May" (Rated 4 Stars) Sat. December 29, 2012 - 11:45AM -2PM PT (Turner Classics)

This movis stars Burt Lancaster, Kurt Douglas, Edmund Obrien and Ava Gardner (1964)..(Rated 4 Stars) Movie made in black & white.

Story line is about a conspiracy to overthrown the President United States of America by key members of the U.S. military...released before JFK was assassinated...

Don't miss it! But since you already did, here is the YouTube:


It was a video JFK wanted made:


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I'm watching it now. ...

It was spooky when I heard them speak about the "great unbathed" masses early in the film.

will do!

will do!

juan maldonado


Good one!