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Gun Control: The Right Argument?

Providing people with sound knowledge and history of gun control in order to win over the hearts and minds.

Many gun-rights activists may wish or feel that it may be better to avoid this topic. However, being that the media has made THIS the issue, we are forced to deal with it and for that reason, I believe this argument should be countered head-on. When reading this, keep in mind that most people do not know the history of the results of gun-confiscation, all's they know is what they hear on TV.

Thus, as of now, our battle is for "the hearts and minds" and the battle can only be won when peoples minds hold enough information on both sides of the argument for making sound decisions. And as of this moment, most people "lack knowledge" HERE for proper judgement.

That said, I feel if this argument is countered properly the resulting outcome is synonymous to turning lemons into lemonade.

Read on and you'll see.


As of today the central point of the gun control argument hindges on "mass killings" and how to reduce them. As of now it is focused on 20 children dead.

If this be the case, then the message most anti-gunners need to hear more than any other is, "What does history teach us about gun control?"

To be more specific, what does history teach us about "HOW MANY men, women and children END UP DEAD as a direct result of the enactment of gun control?"

Although it is impossible to get exact numbers due to so many variables, from what we do know in the last century alone HUNDREDS of MILLIONS DIED as a direct result of gun regulation enactments. Gun control was the "trigger point" that enabled governments to go rogue, turnning on they're own people and wars to start. From there sprouted, famin, diesase, job loss and plunder adding into the equation.

So in conclusion, I'd like to say to the gun control crowd, "Becareful for what you wish for, for YOU might end up with the BLOOD of FAR more than 20 dead children on your own head."


For more information to consider on debate tactics and what you can do about it, see:

NeVer Trust Anyone Who Attempts To Disarm You!

The Time Is Now


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Please read the post to consider if you agree if this is one of our stronger arguments to be made. If not please state why, or if you feel there are any stronger points to be made or if you can add anything to enhance our case, then please, let's hear it.


Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

No argument

I think that the concept of argument does not apply.

Look here:


Look here:


Confessing criminal behavior by warning other people in advance that you will take their guns is a weak position, giving up the power of autonomy - if you can understand the point.

The power of self-government, self-defense, is accumulative as each individual refuses to budge an inch in the wrong direction.

If you think you can change a person's mind by persuasion, as if apply the old saying "You can catch more bee's with honey, than with vinegar." then I think you have given up too much ground in this fight.

Liberty is up against people who create arguments so as to have the victims fighting each other, growing weaker, wasting their power (time and energy) fighting, and then they swoop in to control the weaker victims.

The battle, if it reaches a stage where guns are being taken from the targeted victims, is no longer an argument over the right and wrong of human behavior, the criminals are no different than a natural disaster, a rabid dog, a deadly virus, a perfect storm, and either the victims are going to suffer greatly because they are too weak, too powerless, too vulnerable, or the powerful (as in armed with autonomous defensive power) targeted victims are going to do the right thing and avoid those injuries somehow, each in their own individual way, including many as yet not known tactics, methods, that can side-step, avoid, and completely disconnect from the criminals and their crimes.

To be funneled down into this "debate" over the current affairs of the criminals, and their minions, and their targets, and their supporters, is to be sucked into the vortex, being a part of it, participating in it, lending it moral and material support, instead of preserving that necessary power needed for mutual defense against it.

Of what concern is it to any honest, productive, kind, good, person that some of our number has been slaughtered by a few very evil people and done cleverly, as these perpetual crimes are done with the help of the victims, as the victims are led to believe in falsehood without question?

If it is a concern, then why regurgitate any of the lies, any one lie, why add that support to the enemies of honest, good, productive, free people?

Call the criminals for what they are, hold them to account for what they do, and for the lies they claim to be true, and in my opinion: refuse to engage at all, including these supposed arguments, or debates, where the deck is stacked in favor of lies.

It is not "government" slaughtering people. Specific people are signing the orders, specific people are following the orders, specific people are lending moral support, and specific people are carrying out those orders, and those specific people have names, and those specific people wear clothes, and those specific people, each one, can stop being criminals and stop hiding their crimes behind the false front that they call government.

If you call their crimes government, who benefits?

If anyone injures an innocent person, disarming them, in any way, then a crime is committed upon that innocent person, and who should care about it, and who should do something RIGHT about it?

Who is next?


Facts are more powerful

The victims being targeted are more powerful when they are armed with facts.

Fiction is more powerful for the criminals.

When the criminals take over government there are facts that aught to clue in the targeted victims as such:


Defensive POWER is not that hard to understand, factually.

Trial by Jury worked.

The Swiss Model and the model provided by Holland at the time of The Declaration of Independence worked.

If anyone ever offers you an easy way out of self government, such as the often repeated lie of involuntary taxes being necessary, or the common extortion phrase known as "protection money", and then those who are collecting protection money demand all forms of individual self defense, confiscated, to "protect" the disarmed from some nebulous phantom, well: those victims will be the next on the slaughter list.

Good luck with that, as that road is well traveled.