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Bloomberg Employee Shot In Batman Massacre Has Connections To Sandy Hook

A few interesting things about Stephen Barton – The guy who took a bike ride across the country and ended up being shot in Aurora.

He was from Southbury, CT (5 miles from Sandy Hook).. he started the ride with a friend from Yale in Virginia Beach, and ended up in Aurora and is supposedly “the first” to be shot with buckshot.

He now works for the 10th richest man in America- Michael Bloomberg trying to take Americans’ gun rights away.


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Bump for explanation

Nothing to see here, move on.....

(sarcasim intended)....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

sharkhearted's picture

I never cease to be amazed...at the level of propaganda

...that comes out of this country.

I love my country but am ashamed at the state-run media's attempt to control information.

Maybe Steven Barton is a legit victim in this case...but the fact that he now works for the totalitarian and globalist Mayor Doomberg...should make one reasonably suspect.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.