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County Building Right Next to City Hall: Takeover?

Perhaps it is for simple convenience that many City Halls are Right Next to the County Building, however, I cant help but wonder if those county buildings will be a staging point for tighter control of citizens in the future. Is it a possibility in the event of an emergency that this "convenience" could be used for "continuity of Government"?

Maybe it is me just imagining things, but this tiny fact has got me interested in finding out more about emergency planning for cities and towns, and if there are already written out plans adopted by the cities to relinquish power to the county (or other Government body for that matter).

I Would suggest that everybody investigate how their city or town will operate in the event of a major emergency. It would also be prudent to encourage your city to take up the task of becoming as "self-reliant" as possible for such dire events.

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