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Pentagon: Central America Deadliest 'Non War' Zone In The World

Pentagon: Central America Deadliest 'Non War' Zone In The World


The drug war has grown to rival the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, as the scale of violence, spending, and weapons in Mexico and Central America have made it one of the most dangerous areas in the world, say US military officials…

The so-called Northern Triangle of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras “is the deadliest zone in the world outside of active war zones,” Fraser added.

In the past four years, as many police and soldiers have died in Mexico alone as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Collateral damage is also comparable: since 2006, nearly 35,000 Mexicans were killed in drug-related violence, compared to 21,000 Afghan civilians killed in the war during that same period of time.

Meanwhile 88 bodies were discovered in Tamaulipas while students protested in Guadalajara.

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Those countries are next in line

for full scale war deployment.

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did a search for worlds deadliest war zone...

thought it would be the Mexico border but i was way off I guess...


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