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Question for Law Enforcement: Is This Any Way to Handle Evidence (Rifle in Lanza Trunk)

In this news report in which the reporter has adopted the words "long gun" to describe a rifle, which just happens to match the coroner's jargon, a supposed cop is seen manhandling crucial evidence and jacking out rounds. But I'm no expert.

So I put it to the DP law enforcement community: is this a normal way to handle evidence at a crime scene? I am reading that the idiot may be destroying crucial fingerprints etc., and if anything, you would seal the trunk with the gun in it and transport it the entire vehicle to the main crime lab. There you photograph the weapon just as found, dust it for prints, and do real police work.

Was this more likely a photo op to get the "long gun" on TV?

Last question: is this even a Bushmaster? Weapons guy pointed out the following:

"It’s not a Bushmaster. The cop is obviously cycling a bolt to clear the weapon, an AR uses a charging handle. Weapon knowledge 101."


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Enough cops shows to know that was stupid. And mishandling evidence

That is 100% NOT an AR-15.

That is 100% NOT an AR-15. Looks like a shotgun to me....which is strange because I havnt heard anything about a shotgun being found.

Tampering with evidence, no

Tampering with evidence, no doubt.