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Real Raw Milk "Facts" Campaign?

If you google Raw milk in "whatever state" this website comes up quite near the top of the search. They have a page with video testimonies of people who have gotten deathly ill from raw milk.

Being a family who LOVES raw milk and is aware that there are people with an agenda to keep it from being sold safely, wondering what others here who are fans of raw milk think about this campaign.

Are they truly presenting facts or is there a proven way of making sure that raw milk is absolutely safe to drink that they don't want the public to know about? Are some people just too sensitive to drink it?

Since raw milk was all that was available to human kind for thousands of years and as it is all that is still available to many people today, it's hard to imagine criminalizing it. But the site I'm referring to even has a link about a law to "protect" kids from their parents in regards to raw milk:


Raw milk advocates, what say you?

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Better Raw Milk Website?

Is there a website promoting raw milk? Google Search Engine Results can be changed. Remember the Google Search Engine Results for Santorum?

Many Freedom lovers have blogs and websites. We can promote a better website and move it to the top of the rankings.

I recommend the post author remove the link to the less factual site. Why promote enemies of Freedom?

If your body has a hard time with unnatural bacteria

why not compliment your immune system with food grade hydrogen peroxide ?
I've never had a problem with raw milk, people seem to eat raw fish or sushi
without any problems, frankly I'd be more concerned with that. The problem is
when people get sick the first thing they want to do is rush to a doctor and
utilized artificial means of rehabilitating their systems. My dad and his family
as well as my grandparents all drank raw milk forever without problems.
But by the same token they understood how to treat any complications
through natural means.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

I'd bet dimes to doughnuts

that if you cultured E-Coli in a Petrie dish and swabbed it with diluted food grade peroxide it would be dead as a doornail within minutes. Oxygen rich atmospheres kill cancer viruses, bacteria is a bump in the road.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

AWESOME - I hope some local people read that

cause right now I have to go to the farm everyday to see if there is extra milk - and if not - I don't get any because I am not on the list - hopefully this will scare some of those ON the list to quit drinking it - then I can get on the list and be guaranteed my milk


You have to find the positive in everything people!

My nephews whole family got

My nephews whole family got ill from a local pizza joint ...

I love my raw milk and did my research.

People get sick from all sorts of stuff. That's nature. We can't ban everything. Except, government seems to want to choose that for us.

Fact and Fiction ...

... And alliterative diction.

How Now Brown Cow:


Beauty helps the medicine go down. ;-)

Unfortunately government like

Unfortunately government likes to blame these things on raw milk with little or no evidence. Several things in their reports don't make sense:

"One patient was exposed to brand A dairy product only once; he was served raw chocolate colostrum as a snack when visiting a friend. No other food item was commonly consumed by all six patients. No other illness was reported among household members who consumed brand A dairy products."


If it was true that raw milk was the culprit here why is he the only one who contracted e coli here and no other family members did who all consumed the same product? Also for that matter why was there not a mass break out of it for all the customers who consumed the same product?...

Here is why:

"Fifty-six product samples from several lots with code dates of September 17, 2006, or later were retrieved from retails stores and dairy A and were tested for aerobic microflora, total coliform, fecal coliform, and E. coli O157:H7. The outbreak strain of E. coli O157:H7 was not found in any product samples."

While raw milk can have problems like any food it is mainly dependent on the farmer and his practices. Grass fed cows are preferred because grain fed cows promote e-coli, and of course cleanliness in processing the milk.

One of the reasons for pasteurization is so diary farmers do not have to adhere as strictly to these rules. So they raise the cows in their own feces and feed them grain which is not their natural diet. and promotes disease.

Raw milk has far fewer incidents then factory farms... If you are afraid of raw milk then don't drink milk at all because pasteurized milk is not good for you it changes the molecular structure of the milk and renders it nutritionless and harmful to the digestion tract.

It is probably why the dramatic rise in intestinal problems like irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis etc. Many people who are deemed "lactose intolerant" find they can drink raw milk just fine.

In the end know what you are buying and the farms practices and habits don't trust government regulation to protect your health for you.

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I'm raising a dairy calf right now.

We planned to impregnate her last fall, but she still seems too small so we are waiting a few more months.
DECADES of digestion problems disappeared within days of changing to raw milk. When I run out, the problems return. When I get another gallon, the problems go away.
My new step-grandkids have been diagnosed as autistic. We were looking into raw milk effects on autism, and I noticed the same thing. Top of every search return page was an article about a person nearly dying. Rather than indict a dairy that let its product become contaminated, they blame the food. How many cases of e coli in the burgers have there been? Why are they not demanding we stop eating beef?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Brown cows' milk is even different from Holstein milk...

Do your research and decide for yourself. People can get deathly ill for any number of reasons--but I believe these 'testimonies' are tripe.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

I wanted a chocolate milk cow, couldn't find one.


Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Milk as Food

Cow milk and buffalo, goat, and sheep milk is not the same. According to Dr. D'Adamo, cows' milk is harder to digest for blood type O's and A's than for most B's. I've found that to be true.

However, some of my ancestors were dairy farmers, and my blood type O father used to drive his uncle's dairy herd through town. He says he always drank milk as a kid, but when he was a teen and they moved to Los Angeles, he had lots of brain fog and other symptoms. It was only decades later he figured out that it was the switch to pastuerized (cooked) milk that caused his problems.

The public schools always gave the kidergarteners milk and graham crackers for snacks (very unhealthful for most people).

When it comes to food safety, each of us must be free to exercise our own judgement, and decide our own risks, and live with out own consequences, and be able to hold those who are irresponsible to account. Involving the government makes that virtually impossible.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

This is the ambulance chaser behind this site


"Since 1993, the food poisoning lawyers of Marler Clark have represented thousands of clients in litigation against restaurants and companies whose food was identified as the source of illness. Our food poisoning lawyers have represented victims of nearly every major E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, or other foodborne illness outbreak across the country."

Here is an example of their baiting: (taken from the wonderful blog where you can get a lot of great info on raw milk cases: www.thecompletepatient.com and his book The Raw Milk Revolution.

"Has there been a business slowdown at the MarlerClark personal injury law firm?

That's the main question that occurred to me when I saw a press release put out by the firm a couple days ago trying to stir up business based on three possible illnesses from raw milk in Missouri. This firm and others try to capitalize on illnesses from whatever foods are creating problems by blanketing the Internet with a steady din of "news", but not usually as blatantly as this, and not usually on small outbreaks like this.

Does this language strike you as a little forward, or is it just me? (The release is in Q&A format.)

"Q: I drank raw milk and got E. coli. I’m thinking about hiring a law firm to represent me, but am concerned about the cost of legal representation for my E. coli case. What are the costs of hiring a lawyer for an E. coli case? How do I find the most experienced E. coli attorney?

"A: The lawyers at Marler Clark have been representing E. coli victims since 1993 and have recovered over $600,000,000 for clients. The Marler Clark E. coli attorneys provide free case evaluations for all potential raw milk E. coli outbreak victims, and victims of other foodborne illness outbreaks. Our E. coli lawyers do not charge an hourly fee. Our firm works on behalf of clients and only collects fee on a contingent basis. That means we collect our fees for E. coli cases as a percentage of the recovery obtained on our clients’ behalf after the case has been resolved."

Good post, Grateful.

Marler Clark is bad news. All DP members should check out www.thecompletepatient.com - it's a very informative site.