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Busted: The Rifle Found in Lanza's Trunk is Not a Bushmaster.


Um, The Rifle Found in Lanza's Trunk is Not a Bushmaster.

After two weeks of media reports that a .223 AR-15 Bushmaster was found in the trunk of Lanza's car, gun aficionados point out that the rifle is not a Bushmaster, nor even an AR-class assault weapon. Gun experts say that the weapon shown in an NBC News report is some kind of shotgun.

Washington Post:

"He had two semiautomatic pistols and a .223-caliber rifle, law enforcement officials said. He apparently used only the handguns, which were later found in the school. The rifle was found in the vehicle."


"Three weapons were recovered from the school: a semi-automatic .223 Bushmaster found in a car in the school parking lot, and a Glock and a Sig Sauer found with Lanza's body, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation said. The weapons were legally purchased by Lanza's mother, the official said."

Now it turns out that the rifle found in the trunk is not a Bushmaster at all, The police officer is, in gun owner's jargon, cycling a bolt to clear the weapon. An AR uses a charging handle...READ MORE http://digitaljournal.com/article/340113

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If you read atleast two news reports

You would know the killer was Ryan Lanza and not Adam Lanza...
Dumb freaking argument...

LOL was Ryan Lanza! How do the kids say...?


Release the Sandy Hook video.

The kids say retard

The Kids say retard by saying Sue4theBillofrights

No, the orginal reports were

that Adam's rifle was found in the trunk of his car. It was reported that he got that rifle from his mother. They changed the story after the coroner's report that all victims were shot with a long gun.



Release the Sandy Hook video.

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was originally reported that the Bushmaster was in the trunk, and then the story changed to a shotgun in the trunk.

COME ON>>>>>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!

The Original reports said it was Ryan Lanza, and since the original reports are always correct.....
I guess the guy living in NJ has super speed, ran up there, stole his brothers car, shot his mom, stole her guns, shot 27 people, killed his brother, then drove back to NJ while on shit break...

I'm sorry,

I haven't followed this story too closely. Are you saying that Lanza had no AR's at all?

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We don't know what he had or didn't have, only God and

the people there do. Saying a big deal was made about a AR-15 being found in the trunk but it wasn't an AR-15. Not even close. ARs are just also happen to be the type of gun they are trying to outlaw.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

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wouldn't surprise me if it was one of these.

I noticed what looked to be a "Dragunov" buttstock as well. In the first couple of seconds of the vid, it almost looks like he is detaching a stick magazine.
It sure doesn't seem to be the way to handle something if you want to get fingerprints off of it.

Here is the same guy from the "glocktalk" link describing the "Saiga" he has/had for sale and mentioned how he lives in CT. and how "pistol grips weren't allowed." Looking at his avatar makes me wonder if he was/is a DP member.

I'm almost positive the Russian Saigas will be on the ban list.

I think they can tell the difference between shot gun wounds

and .223 wounds...

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did you glean that from my post? I didn't mention anything about the "difference in the wounds."

I was referring to the reported shotgun in the trunk, and what type it might have been.

This is Very Old News

Wondering why it took so long for DPers to catch up. We'er suppose to be on the cutting edge. I posted the video of police finding the shotgun about five days ago. The question is, how do we make anyone care about the obvious "smoking gun" in this case (one of many)?? Because nobody cares but us. And even though nothing adds up, Americans are sadly not interested in the facts. This story is quickly being swept under the rug.

slimdadio I saw your post back then

and I think I commented that it looked like a wooden gun. I have a question about that clip though. Why does it look like it was filmed at night? I had the strange sensation that the clip was from somewhere else. You know like when FOX uses footage of Union workers in Wisconsin and there are Palm trees behind them. I am now skeptical of EVERYTHING the press puts out.

Well Awesome!

Glad you took notice! It was filmed at night because that's when the discovery was made. And yes it seems out of context as msm often does. But this clip demonstrates the opposite of what the mainstream would want to convey. There was no rifle at the crime scene. Although the medical investigator said only a rifle was the murder weapon. And at best there was only a shotgun in a trunk. But nobody cares, 'cept you and me. ;) Thanks for following the posts closely, and I'm sure msm uses various videos to make their story, but this only disputes their false flag story.


Filmed at night !!

What's with they guys in the hazmat suits?

This is bogus footage.

It is an obvious smoking gun to someone smart like you

who doesn't need it on a platter and tied up with a bow. Other people need to have it explained "This is why this is a smoking gun. See the smoking gun?"

Everything starts out buried in some very smart person's obscure comment or post which doesn't gain traction. It takes a journalist to say "What did you just say? That's not a Bushmaster? Did I hear you right? Say it again."

Then they present it to the public in a way which cannot be missed, spun, or disinfo-ed out of the spotlight. Your problem is you assume everyone is smart like you. WRONG, my friend. Look around you.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

We are Brainwashed, not Stupid

Very enlightening. And although your perspective is valuable insight, I think people are more brainwashed than they are unintelligent. There is a powerful mind control force at play. People may appear stupid, but I think that belies their potential for critical thinking. We are trained from birth to accept the authorities as the truth. People are very gullible as a result. I think this has more to do with social conditioning, and it's time for a break in the mindset that rules our lives. That's what the internet is about. People are able to think and express themselves, as well as educate themselves outside of the institutional dogma. That is where the message of liberty comes in. We accept lies because it is easier than to accept change. There is a fear of change that allows people to go along with that which they know is corrupt. So, part of the ability to communicate without restriction is to shed light on that which we fear most... change. Change is the dark room that scares everyone because of the unknown. By sharing information, we bring the contents of the dark room into clear view, and the fear is subdued. Change, truth, and moral societal/government practice will come about through a revolution of the hearts and minds (e.g. the teachings of great educators like Ron Paul, as well as each of us here at DP, and all others so enlightened). All people are intelligent, and part of the solution is to recognize this truth, and ignore the tendency to blame our problems on lack of intelligence. It is a mind control environment of the world's misguided message that needs to be recognized and addressed (See Don Miguel Ruiz's "The Four Agreements" for an explanation of this condition). Thanks for your response!

I LOV3 the Daily Paul!!!

Just when I thought to myself, "Self, please just let it go. Its such a tragedy it makes my heart hurt. Everyone is trying to understand the mind of a crazy person- don't make yourself crazy trying to figure it out..."

BAM! HERE IS IS AGAIN CONFIRMING THAT I AM NOT CRAZY! Thank you. Although this whole scene is horrible, I am of the opinion that the Media had a definite directive issued to them. I don't think it was like a memo or anything - I think that things were moving so fast with the reporting (Twitter etc) it was EASY for them to step in line.

What a botched false flag. Or

What a botched false flag.

Or was it?

We probably need to get these facts to Druge, Mediaite, Rand Paul, Hot Air, Lee Doren, Peter Schiff and ect. But especially Rand Paul and other house and senate members on our side. I say this because I'd love for them to have this information when the Democrats try to pass a ban on a weapon that was not even used, our guys can embarrass them.

NO no no no no no You're a tad behind the times on the media

deluge of twisting disinformation for Sandy Hook. Get with it brotha! Have you not heard the latest count on the guns? Check out this vid.


NBC Pete Williams reports that he did not just have 2 hand guns with him in the school. OH No! LOL! He had 4!!! And apparently ONLY handguns were taken into the school. No rifle ever crossed the threshold.

Apparently Adam Lanza needed 4 guns for his powerful octopus arms and apparently the coroner doesn't know the difference between a long gun wound and a hand gun wound. (Loaded with sarc)

Oh yeah and the NBC report said that he also had an "assault style, AR15 style rifle" that he had taken to the school in his "mothers car" but that it never left the car. So....no rifle in the school.

As long as the meme is out there

("it was a semi-automatic or automatic weapon") THEY have what THEY want. The MSM has done their nefarious good job.

Changing the meme is the hard part.

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I could not agree more.


Not that I can see a whole

Not that I can see a whole lot in the video, but the gun the officer has looks to be a lot longer than any AR15 or other assault rifle I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of AR15s(working in nuclear power plants, all the security guards carry AR15s as the weapon of choice, so while I dont own a AR15 I have seen hundreds up close). It almost looks to me as if its a bolt action hunting rifle that he has from the length and "clearing the chamber" action.


this is undeniable proof in my eyes...i'm at a loss...

Not only is it not a Bushmaster, it's not

even an AR.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Also - it wasn't "Lanza's"

trunk, because it wasn't, apparently, Lanza's car.

The car is registered to a Christopher Rodia:


Another good discussion, not so much directly of the shooting, but where Obama, Feinstein et.al.
are trying to go with it:


Not conclusive that car is Rodia's

The police scanner suffers from a lot of cross talk from different calls and anyway should only spur real investigation, i.e. someone running the plate on one of the online services. So far no one has bothered to do that.

ATS shut down two threads because posters were publishing Rodia's, relatives' and associates' home addresses, not fair on the basis of this limited evidence. We can't say for sure the car is Rodia's until someone runs the friggin plate. I can almost hear Rodia shocked at being associated with this: "FOR CRISSAKE I'M JUST AN ORDINARY LOWLIFE AND THIEF! I'M NOT A KILLER!"

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I thought the same thing when the confusion theory surfaced

but then I wondered why Rodia hasn't spoken out, if in fact it isn't his car. With his name flooding the internet, you'd think he'd make a statement if he had no involvement.

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Guns, gunmen and bullets

These things need accounted for. And it would be nice to get a definitive word on who owned the car, too.

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