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Today Your Lucky Silver Dime Was Worth $2.17.1

Love that internet. Search for this and you find out that.

Silver closed at $29.99, so a silver dime minted between 1946 and 1964, composed of 90% silver, contained $2.16.9 in melted silver dollar/FRN denominated value.

The 10% copper content would have sold for .2 cents.

The total melt value added together would total $2.17.1 Minus the cost of melting the silver dime which most people would never do, it's more of a useful term. Even though it is perfectly legal to melt down coins hence the term 'melt value'.

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What's a silver quarter worth?

My guess: about $6.75

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What do you mean

"today my silver dime was worth.." The market has been closed since Friday evening and wont be open for another 3 1/2 hours. And kitco has silver at $30.03, is kitco off?

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decimal point

I don't understand why you put an extra decimal point. Either denominate it cents (1/100 $) or fully FRN denomination..

216.9 cents

$2.16.9 makes no sense.

Grateful Math (& Grammar) Nazi sez:

Thanks! That was bugging me, too.

I could care less about clarity.

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