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Russian plane crash caught on camera (plane does not vaporize)

The moment a Russian airliner crash lands on to a Moscow motorway is filmed by a dashboard camera in a passing vehicle. The footage shows debris flying across the road hitting a car. The plane travelling from the Czech Republic broke into pieces on impact, killing four of the 12 crew members onboard.

THIS is what the Pentagon should have looked like on 9/11!


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The evidence that really did

The evidence that really did it for me is the picture of the intact book in the pentagon. How does a airliner hit the twin towers and melt steel with the fuel explosion then another airliner hit the pentagon but it does not even char a book that got missed by a couple of feet?

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Of course the plane didn't vaporize!

It didn't HAVE to!

The 9/11/01 planes HAD to vaporize to justify dismantling the American Republic.

Now that the country is well on it's way to being de-fanged all natural laws are back in force.

i believe in the 9/11 conspiracy

the pilot had to been reducing speed and not accelerating(accelerating would be more practical and logical if seeking mass casualties) to stop the plane from smacking into something.

this is why the plane can still be observed.


You guys aren't very bright.

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Not Exactly

This plane was crash landing. I'd assume the pilots were powering down to land. (if you believe MSM story of 9/11) I'd assume the terrorists would have crashed at much higher speed since they were trying to create as much damage as possible.

Would the difference in damage

to the aircraft be significant at the different plausible speeds?

Based on my basic understanding

of physics yes. How much more damage I have no idea but to suggest because this aircraft did not blow up and the one that hit the pentagon did, proves a conspiracy is wrong. I might also point out that before a crash landing pilots dump extra fuel to hopefully avoid a fire or explosion.. anyway not here to debate 9/11 official story over the given story just pointing out this video is proof of nothing.

Did not see a proof label attached

but it is definitely evidence to be considered.

If the "terrorists" wanted to inflict

as much damage as possible, they would have flown into the Indian Point nuclear power station.

As much damage as possible

to their intended target. I not debating the official story or the conspiracy story i'm just pointing out that this video is not proof of anything. They are two completely different scenarios.

Good Point Jill

Another reason that the official story makes no sense. The towers were targeted and ironically they needed to be taken down or billions would have needed to be spent getting all the asbestos out of them.

Add in the additional insurance that Silverstein bought specifically for a terrorist strike 2 months prior and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out an agenda was being carried out.

To the comments that are saying the plane that "hit the pentagon" was going full speed and thats why it vaporized...that's not possilbe. No 747 can remain airborne below 60 feet at full speed. The air is too dense and the engines would stall. The plane would have crashed long before it hit the pentagon.

And moreover


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Right on!

Yeah... that's a smoking gun for sure (or rather, smoking hole... and little more).

Ridiculous. No bodies. No luggage. No plane parts. No nothin'. The strange hole was already there, as can be seen from aerial views taken before the incident.

We're supposed to believe everything and everyone just burnt up?!

Other photos of large passenger plane crashes depict insane amounts of wreckage and personal effects strewn everywhere.

(Perhaps one of those huge worms from Dune popped up out of the ground and swallowed the plane. Musta been workin' for Al CIA-duh....)

What would the Founders do?


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Photoshopped images 'vaporize' when one offs the computer.


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