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ACLU & CCR Lawsuit: Drones Killing Americans

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of my pet peeves is the over-usage of abbreviations instead of spelling out what one means--all the while, assuming others know to what one is referring!!

In my era, CCR meant Creedence Clearwater Revival!!

For those wondering, the CCR used here refers to ccrjustice.org...

Now that I'm done complaining: I upvoted this thread and will share it on Twitter. Kudos to ACLU...

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I think this is the first time in my 43 years on earth I have seen you uptake a cause that is worth something! Stay with it and win and if you give up, then F you.

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You've been "trained"

to think of them that way. Not all good, but much good from them.

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You're Kidding!

You don't like the way they protect your right to picket? To hold signs on public property? They're great on that!

Here's their Hawai'i page:

Then one for Florida (references the RNC--where some of us might have wanted to protest them for their treatment of delegates).

What if you want to protest in Washington (state)?

They aren't huge in the jury nullification arena, but here they are defending an activist from the FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Association):

This is what Ron Paul means about forming "coalitions" -- the ACLU is a great ally on many issues.

I won't give them money, because they aren't always on the right side (just as I don't support AARP because they lobby for Social Security), but it doesn't mean they aren't often useful.

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Thank you for

the reading material. I've only been off MSM for a couple years so I have some catching up to do.

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Targeted killing of a 16 yr old American citizen, who harmed

NOBODY. Mr. Obama, your logic of drone-assassination of this 16 yr old will make your daughters culpable for YOUR mistargeted collateral murders of hundreds of children in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other places.

Watch this right after viewing


Now don't throw up. Good luck.


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