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How the Chinese are turning worthless US fiat into tangible US assets

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This isn't news for me

SF hs always had a huge an vibrant Chunese population, with some families that have been established there before CA was a state in the union (1850).. Napa is backdoor to SF.. so it makes perfect sense.

When the vid ended, the collage of Youtubes on the screne had this one, Bob Welsh.. and it's wonderful

Its different now granger...

our currency is being systematically destroyed. China is buying our land and companies with virtually worthless FRN's and the more they by NOW, the more FRN's get into circulation...THAT will force interest rates higher and cause massive inflation.

Selling things to foreign governments when the M1 supply was being maintained realitively consistant is vastly different than when foreginers buy things while The FED is "printing" 100 billion plus new dollars each and every month on an open end basis.

I understand, and I don't disagree

Personally, when I was a kid and my Dad returned from his third tour in Nam, I asked him why we fight, and he said to stop communism. Well we lost that war, and it seems to me, ever since then, we have been under a "Chinese Water Torture" kind of plan in delivering the spoils.. the Panama Canal, industrial production, constitutional republic.. and of course our fiscal system.. I think many of the things we do not understand, and that includes 911 in my book, are all about delivering to China the spoils of America since we lost the war in Nam.

I also find it very interesting that the vets from Nam are divided by our federal government.. those like my Father were elevated and rewarded, while one uncle shot himself when he returned, and many of the grunts were left homeless or with government programs, VA/HUD.. that have worked harder to hinder them than help them.