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There is a war raging and it’s for your mind


Over the past couple days I’ve been reading and researching MK Ultra. This has lead me to uncover some very disturbing stories regarding government sponsored mind control. There is a war on for your mind. I knew that before, but it’s more evident and more sinister than I had imagined.

“After WWII, the U.S. Department of Defense secretly imported many of the top German Nazi and Italian Fascist scientists and spies into the United States via South America and the Vatican. The code name for this operation was Project PAPERCLIP. One of the more prominent finds for the U.S. was German General Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s Chief of Intelligence against Russia.

“Upon arriving in Washington, DC in 1945, Gehlen met extensively with President Truman, General William “Wild Bill” Donovan, Director of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and Allen Dulles, who would later become the stalwart head of the CIA.

“The objective of their brainstorming sessions was to reorganize the nominal American intelligence operation, transforming it into a highly efficient covert organization.

“The culmination of their efforts produced the Central Intelligence Group in 1946, renamed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 1947.

“With the CIA and National Security Council firmly established, the first in a series of covert brainwashing programs was initiated by the Navy in the fall of 1947. Project MKULTRA came into existence on April 13, 1953.

“Of the 149 subprojects under the umbrella of MKULTRA having been identified, Project MONARCH officially began by the U.S. Army in the early 1960′s (although unofficially implemented much earlier) appears to be the most prominent and is still classified as TOP SECRET for “National Security” reasons.


Things that make you go hmmm...

In the 80's Col. Paul E. Vallely and Maj. Michael A. Aquino published a paper entitled, From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory.

Five years before the circulation of the MindWar paper, Aquino founded the Temple of Set, a Satanic organization which was the successor to Anton Szandor LeVay’s Church of Satan.

General Vallely, now retired from the military, is a senior military commentator for Fox News.

Heard of Brice Taylor (Susan Lynne Eckhart Ford) or Cathy O’Brien? Read more here:


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One word

to describe mind control for the masses: television

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
― Albert Camus

Here's the problem with this stuff.

The terms "mind-control" and brainwashing are for public consumption. They could care less about our minds except as a way to our hearts.

The mass hysteria they create depends on our emotional states. This makes it necessary to confuse our minds to drive us voluntarily to act against the better angels of our mercy.

In Australia the media (Murdoch?) drove Aussies into a gun control hysteria which lead to agents sent to steal Rodney William Ansell's (inspiration for Crocodile Dundee movies). As agents violated his property and privacy in order to steal Ansell's weapons some died in the standoff. The good guy, Ansell, stood up for his rights against the government goons. For their treason they got their just reward.

The tinkering with people's "belief engines" has made people endeared to irrational and emotional actions.

This last election was thick with the mind games that worked to win our hearts. For those that don't follow, bribe them with a paycheck, with power with fame.

Few have had a better understanding of the relation between our emotions and our rational mind than Jesus as reported by Luke the Greek Doctor.

Luke reported Jesus telling telling "Rock". Simon, Simon, behold, The Adversary has demanded permission to sift you like wheat; 32 but I have prayed for you, that your faith may not fail; and you, when once you have turned again, strengthen your brothers." (Luke 22.31)

The whole report tells of a man who called his followers friends. It was a revolutionary idea in its day and every day since. A friend is literally one who I leave free, I can do no more. Who does not want to be free, heart and soul.

Government tinkering has unexpected consequences such as death and destruction and waste. This will end badly, I fear. I hope and wish the innocent were better protected.

Free includes debt-free!

Guessing you have looked

at this site: http://vigilantcitizen.com/

Lots of MK Ultra stuff.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Yeah, I just discovered this

Yeah, I just discovered this site over the last week. I think the guy that runs the site has a good heart and a passion for truth. His latest post "Despite the Doom and Gloom Pt. 2: My 2012 Holiday Message" [http://vigilantcitizen.com/featured/despite-the-doom-and-gloom-pt-2-my-2012-holiday-message/] really shows that.

I'll admit that some of this mk ultra/monarch programming stuff is hard for me to believe. There are a lot of wacky theories out there (reptilian bloodlines). But Vigilant Citizen seems to be level headed. I think he's onto something.