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Subpoena for Obama to be in Court 3Jan & produce documents.

Here is the link to the "World's Leading Obama Eligibility Website" :

Link to copy of subpoena including a list of things to bring and a copy of check to cover travel expenses:


Additional Documents requested

1. Any and all U.S. passports, any and all U.S. immigration and naturalization papers issued to you

2. Any and all Indonesian passports, any and all Indonesian immigration and naturalization papers issued to you

3. Any and all Kenyan passports, any and all Kenyan immigration and naturalization papers issued to you

4. Any and all British passports, any and all British immigration and naturalization papers issued to you

5. Any and all travel documents used by you to travel to Pakistan

6. School registration, showing the citizenship and legal first and last name from Kaelani school in Honolulu Hawaii, Assissi school in Jakarta Indonesia, Punahoa school in Honolulu Hawaii, Occidental college and Columbia University

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sounds good but the truth is...

we have a lawless corrupt gvt. Obummer will not comply and nothing will happen. I wish it were not so.

In Dr. Taitz's reply to the

In Dr. Taitz's reply to the opposition of TRO, what she ends up saying is that if Obama is found not eligible and removed from office, the runner-up would become president which is of course, Romney. But she didn't follow the fraud in Romney's campaign. She has focused solely on the forged IDs, Indonesian citizenship, and lack of ids which would've infringed on suffrage rights of other candidates. This one is being brought on by both a Republican and Libertarian candidate. But I remember Dr. Paul saying once that the problem is that the founders made an error in not putting the definition of a "natural born citizen" in the Constitution. Even though we know what Vattel's Law of Nations says, the only things we have to go on as far as the Constitution are letters the founders wrote about it. I don't think it's going to be enough for Dr. Taitz. And even if Obama were possibly removed, we'd still have fraud in the White House and that's Romney. We all saw what the RNC, GOP did in the primaries. We also know that an individual on Romney's payroll was passing out fraudulent delegate slates and was caught. It just feels like no matter how hard good people like Dr. Taitz try, we will still end up with another fraudulent bankster puppet.

one step at a time.... one

one step at a time.... one fraudster at a time..then onto the next

"Runner Up" would not win ...

If Obama were decertified, then no person running for President would have had a majority. Therefore, the election goes to the House of Representatives, where they would select a President. You would THINK that would put Romney in. But the neocons, being the p*ssy's that they are ... might just put Biden in.

Otherwise, it would be Romeny Prez, and Biden Vice Prez, since he got a majority of electors for VP.

And the best part, of course, would be ...

Barry finally gets his day in court (as a criminal defendant).

But, I'm not holding my breath.

Line of succession

If Biden is legitimately a US citizen he becomes president. After that it is the speaker of the house. Nobody "selects" a president. I've been watching you Tommy - you certainly seem very confident about your "facts" - do you actually ever source your information or do u just report everything based on hearsay?


presidential line of succession defines who may become or act as President of the United States upon the incapacity, death, resignation

Watching me, Vince? You sound creepy.

But yeah, in terms of the election, if a presidential candidate does not have a majority of Electoral votes, it goes to the House of Representatives.

If Barry gets kicked out tomorrow, Biden takes over until 1/20/2013. But then the winner of the 2012 election takes over. If Barry is not eligible, and nobody got a majority of electoral votes, the House decides.

It's in the Constitution.

Are you REALLY that ignorant, Vince, that you need a link to the Constitution???


And get a life, creep.

Here is the second link

Seems they moved it


Just open the box and see

Thanks, SchrodingersCat

I'd sure love to open this box and see...the truth.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I just love Dr. Orly Taitz. I

I just love Dr. Orly Taitz. I was following her cases years ago; talk about a tenacious proud American. She immigrated here from the Soviet Union and took advantage of the freedom to become anything she wanted to be. She's a real estate agent, dentist, AND attorney. How many times have I seen her speak in her thick Russian accent explaining how important it is to make sure we retain our freedom in this country. She grew up with the tyranny of Communism and she has said it many times that she knows EXACTLY who Obama and his minions are. Then the media had a blast making fun of her because of her accent? Her make-up? Because she wasn't born in the United States? Her cases are pretty tight on evidence and she doesn't back down. The problem has been the courts saying no one has the standing to question Obama which is poppycock. Obama has ignored subpoenas before and I suspect he thinks he's still above the law and will not show up again. The media will continue to ignore Orly Taitz and she will still continue because she knows she's doing what is right. I admire her and wish Americans worked half as hard as that woman does. I hope something good comes from her cases eventually.

Second link is incomplete...

Second link is incomplete...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!