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Obama To Put Full Weight Behind Feinstein Gun Confiscation Plan (Video)

Obama To Put Full Weight Behind Feinstein Gun Confiscation Plan (Video)

Published on Dec 30, 2012

President Obama sits down for an exclusive interview with David Gregory on Meet the Press. The interview marks more than three years since Obama last appeared on a network Sunday talk show.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=du654...!

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thanks for posting but

i missed the part where he talked about the draconian "Feinstein Gun Confiscation Plan."

the Feinstein Gun Confiscation Plan won't pass so i would be surprised if that makes it in. i hope they do put it in because it would be defeated then or we would have a civil war.

"come and take it"

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False Headline

He said he would put his weight behind his own plan, not Feinstein's. "Confiscation" is not part of Feinstein's plan.

I thought the host was supposed to

be on vacation and wasn't going to appear on this airing of meet the press?

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His children have armed gaurds,

If putting less guns in schools is such a great idea, why doesn't he set an example and start by disarming everyone around his kids, while they are at school?

Hypocritical/ Demagogue perhaps?

Drudge has this as his lead


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