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Drug Cartel, Gun Trafficking, operating mainly out of Fort Greely, Alaska

1) US military families, especially the men and women stationed in Alaska who have died and continue to die of "unknown" causes without investigations even though reports stated foul play, drug cartel, and weapons trafficking; 2) syndicate a national and global awareness of rogue militants allowed to join the United States Armed Forces today to operate against itself appointed at the highest levels; and, 3) bring justice to 45+ stationed Alaska military rape victims who after reporting through the proper channels up the chain of command were left without investigations into their cases and rather actually ignored.

It is said to be a cover up that goes deep. A connection much bigger than humanly imaginable. The drug cartel, guns trafficking, operating out of mainly Fort Greely, Alaska. FBI agent Karl Hansen flew to Alaska with a second agent from Washington DC with orders from his superiors to investigate the unknown deaths and claims of drug cartel operating out of Alaska, as well the 45+ reported rape victims that were left un-investigated. Star generals are reported involved at the highest levels, and at one point, it was remarked how "this is movie stuff" shaking his head. Colonel Blaylock when questioned said it is the residual effects of Eric Holder's Operation Fast and Furious that is being injected into our military.

Colonel Blaylock has gone to 11 sources to get help, and then in the middle of investigations, April 2012, he was terminated from the US Armed Forces after 29.5 years serving.

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