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If you like your AR, you may want to get one of these while you still can...

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There is a lot of play in these devices. With one installed it is almost impossible to make a well aimed shot, even at 200 yards. Why turn a 2MOA battle carbine into something that is only good for turning money into noise?

Full auto is only good for

Full auto is only good for two things....keeping the enemy laying low and for impressing the ladies. Both of which are very good reasons for having full auto.


Very cool, but seems

Very cool, but seems expensive! I've seen and handled one at a gun show, it's about $1.50 in plastic. I would like to have it in autocad form though so I could make one in a 3D printer one day!

I think the plasctic

is a bit more than that. I used to do injection molding for Butler Creek on things like this. The molds to make them cost about $80K amongst other costs involved. I don't think it's too bad of a deal myself.

Happy New Year Y'all!

good point

Pattern makers don't work cheap.

Almost $1 per round

Why waste so much ammo just to be cool. Even the military hates full auto.


anyone know where you can find 223 ammo?

Look me up in about 2 days

I am putting up a website with what I have available.

.223 FMJ 55gr will be for sale in 1000 round bulk cans.

Uhh. This is a heck of a

Uhh. This is a heck of a setup.

Here's a video on it


bump firing is fun(I've done it without that stock) It's a waste of ammo,puts alot of wear on your rifle,and just isn't practical. It is fun I must admit.

neat toy

Too expensive though.
I'd rather have ammo.
If I had guns...
Guns are icky.

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nice looking link

thanks greatly
and a bump for the coolness

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OH... have fun day :)

That was really cool and legal, for now anyway

"and as always, have nice day"