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Actor Gary Oldman accused of being too right wing and a fascist 3/1/2012

There’s been a lot of talk about Chris Heath’s long profile of Gary Oldman that came out in the most recent issue of GQ. Even more than the story itself, the buzz has been over a preface to the piece that explains why it was held from its original planned release date of 2009. It turns out the piece got pulled in a fairly routine process, and then Heath had trouble updating it because Oldman’s manager, who is himself fairly conservative, became convinced that the piece would paint Oldman as holding political views that would make it harder for him to work in Hollywood. As it turns out, the piece has absolutely no details about Oldman’s political views, and it doesn’t actually evaluate one of the claims that Heath makes: “The suggestion that [Oldman's political views or the perception of them as extremely right-wing] cost him an Oscar nomination for The Contender seems plausible.”

Heath describes a call Oldman received from Dustin Hoffman after The Contender came out where Hoffman told him:

“I was at a card game the other night, and there was this big Hollywood exec’ “—Hoffman named him to Oldman, though Oldman does not do so to me—” ‘and he was saying that Gary Oldman is extreme right wing, and he’s a fascist.’ ” Hoffman told Oldman that his response was “Gary Oldman’s a fascist and extreme right? I can’t imagine that that is true,” but nonetheless, the conversation had clearly prompted this phone call. [Hoffman, contacted in 2012, recalled telephoning Oldman and commending his performance in The Contender, but stated that he did not remember the rest of this conversation.] “And he said,” Oldman continues, ” ‘Just be careful, because I said some stuff years ago…I said it to someone who was very powerful who made sure that I didn’t work for a long, long time.’ He was being quite cryptic. And then he reminded me that there was a gap—I think it was a gap between Tootsie and the next thing he did. He said, ‘Just a word to the wise, you’ve got to be very careful; there’s this thing out there that you’re this… I don’t know what you’ve been saying, but you’ve got to be very careful.’ All very strange.”

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I always thought Gary Oldman was a good actor.:)

Love him

He is my favorite actor.