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Susan Ferrechio has no opinions she will share

Susan Ferrechio, Fox news commentator and Washington Examiner writer, has no opinions. She was asked if Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, but would not answer. She also claimed not to have opinions on anything and then...

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I just viewed this and have no idea what she just said apart from the end.

It must of been a real treat to mark her essays...I am sure it got easier after several drinks lol


Shows one of the problems

She can't form an opinion, so she has no idea what questions to ask.

She takes government edicts as unquestionable, and prides herself on staying impartial.

She really needs to give her job to the guy that was interviewing her. She’s a news commentator? On what planet?
Plus, her vacuous stare gave me the creeps. ;)

Just open the box and see

I have to go. Sorry. I have

I have to go. Sorry. I have to go. Really. I do.