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I just want to say thank you!

I just want to say thank you for all the people out there that make these wonderful video's, pull video's from tv, make compilation video's. Also thanks to all at the daily paul and other liberty sites for giving me access to loads of information. To me it seems like alot of work you all are doing to make all these things I'm able to watch/learn for the price of well... Nothing!! Thank you again!!!

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Standing O from me to all those who contribute.
You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree

I was blind to the truth until I became injured a couple years ago at work and had time off.I started killing time by researching a great man named Ron Paul and my life has been forever changed thanks to him and all the great people on this site.

Yes, people can put some time

Yes, people can put some time into the vid's. Unless a person does it, it's kind of a take for granted thing.

For that person to go and get all those clips to do that Demand A Plan Go F Yourself one, there is some time involved in that.

Visuals sell to Americans more than an article, unfortunately. TV is gospel. Until we can get near that, it's piecemeal at a time.

I've never had move fun educating myself...EVER!

Just think if we could use some of this modern technology and start teaching our children Truth and Reality...and REAL history.

The only thing that has changed in our educational system in the past 100 years has been the black chalk board turning into a white dry erase board...what progress. lol

My daughter just graduated college but if I knew then what I know now...it would have been homeschooling all the way!

I spend half the time I'm with my daughter helping her unlearn all the BS she memorized and teaching her how to re-educate herself online with facts and things that really matter.

One of my favorite things about NC


Must be something is the water there to make such wonderful people like you.

I have a well so.. no

I have a well so.. no flouride maybe? :)

Thank you that was very nice to say!

LOL good one

Welcome aboard! Have fun and God Bless YOU!