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Judge Dredd: Is a Public Official With a Lethal Weapon Judge, Jury and Executioner?

Most here have seen some of these movies which depict possible "future" scenarios that are quite scary. I remember watching Minority Report (Tom Cruise) and after the movie I was very relieved that the movie was only fictional... or was it?

Isn't a DUI offense being punished for something you might do in the future, or something someone else has done in the past? Isn't taking away our guns an attempt to punish us for a future crime as well?

There are many statutes which are passed which are based upon punishment for future crimes. Every liberty taken from us under the ILLUSION that this or that liberty is now "against the law" is basically done under the premise of "never letting this happen again."

Since we have lost the majority of our freedoms (which can be defended but it sure is a pain in the arse) has crime gone down in this country? Are we much safer than we were 10 years ago? 20 years ago? What is the biggest threat to your life, especially if you believe in the constitution's purpose, which is to RESTRAIN government?

I would put forth that the greatest threat to your saftey is a public official who is armed and believes he has the right to kill you if you are a "threat to his/her saftey."

Why in this day and age of technology are we still arming public servants with lethal weapons especially when there are plenty of ways to subdue someone without killing them?

Remember the movie "Judge Dredd?" Isn't that movie... once your eyes are opened to reality, based on actual reality too? Isn't a public servant armed with a LETHAL weapon basically judge, jury and executioner?

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