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Piers Morgan secretly loves guns

He must, cuz he is sure as hell selling a lot of them.


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LOL, you got that right

Smith & Wessen should come out with a gold plated collector rifle, the "Morgan Repeater MP45" semi auto complete with a Piers Morgan signature on the all walnut stock. Equip it with a safety that never clicks to on, then market it as the "safe gun" and sell it to the Hollywood celebs, LOL

lol! i think his head would


i think his head would explode.

in other words, this project is a must!


Thanks Piers, I am starting a new business today because of you. Now get the PHUCK out!

Ammunition -- 9mm - 40s&w - 45acp - .223/5.56x45 -- www.ammopit.com
Bulk Components starting this month also with 223 bullets!

They are choking supply.

They are choking supply.

twitterbomb anyone? "bought

twitterbomb anyone?

"bought my first assault rifle today. wouldn't have done it without you. #ThankYouPiers!"

maybe that will spur him to verbify (yeah i just made that word up, write it down) the last sentence of his UK editorial.


LOL, good point.

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