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The Act of 1871 The American Scam Revealed (Video)

Interesting video I came across tonight on YouTube. I was not aware of this particular "ACT" until I watched it. Has anyone else heard of it?


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No wonder the federal

No wonder the federal government and the congress is all screwed up. It's making more sense now.

Did you notice the term "all capital letters"?

Pull out your driver's licence. You name is in all caps.
Now look at your checkbook. Same.
You are simply human capital to THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, owned by foreign banks.

This is why I keep telling people

that if you "register" to vote that is technically treason. It is giving aid and comfort to a foreign occupying power. When you "register" to vote your share in this corporation (yes you are a shareholder) you are agreeing that your house is the "House of Representatives" and you "live" in the 10 mile square... this is how they've extended their influence outside that 10 mile square... because they have done it ON PAPER.

Thanks for posting. Please check out a something I posted a while back... and perhaps include it in your post...


This is why the federal "government" (think "Federal Express") has most of the country's sheriffs on it's payroll.