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The most important thing we can do.

The most important thing we can do before the 2016 presidential election is to change the rules on who gets invited to the presidential debates! Let's force them to invite ALL candidates that are on the ballot in enough states to win to be included in the debates! How do we do that? I don't know but we only have about 3 years to make it happen and I think that it would be the most important thing we could do to allow the American people a chance to elect a GOOD president because as we all know the primaries are rigged to only allow the establishment candidate to win the nomination!

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2 party duopoly!

I really do NOT think we will get anyone good to vote for as president from either of the 2 major parties! Therefore is is imperative that we force a rule change to allow third party candidates into the debates. It is the ONLY way we will EVER take our country back. I believe that if a third party candidate were to get into the presidential debates he or she would have a REAL chance to win the election. Maybe we could get the league of women voters to take over control of the debates again. But I believe that anyone running for president that is on enough state ballots to win should be included in the debates. The American people deserve to hear what they have to say!

Great posts all!!

God bless you. And Liberty!

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.


The most important thing you can do is stop thinking about 4 years from now and that there is a political savior who can roll back all this tyranny. Buy weapons and stand up for the country that our founders fought and died for. This is not about us...its about our children and future generations.

You thinking that voting for a new slave master will set you free just shows how much more you need to educate yourself.

It behooves us to try.

I humbly submit that we need to use the political process until we can't, use the vote and the pen until we can't, until no other option is affored us.

The grounds to support my claim can be found in the Declaration:

"Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes".

The founders resorted to arms only as a last resort, and only in self defense. I am in agreement with you that some new puppet master in 4 more years isn't going to do any better. I am in agreement with you the citizenry should at this time arm themselves if they are not already armed.

However, there should be no armed response by the people until such time tyrannical forces begin kicking in doors and engaging in forced gun confiscation.

In closing, there is no reason why we can't do both, (use the political process, and prep.) We should. The founders did. Once the new Concord and Lexington occurs, and it will, that's where American patriots should make their stand. Until then, the right thing to do is to work hard to avoid it. Ultimately I do not think we will be able to, but it behoves us to try. That imho is how we take the moral high ground.

Let me be clear

Violence is NOT what I reccommend. In fact, I'm of the opinion that The State is trying to goad freedom lovers into "firing the first shots". I honestly believe that our rulers WANT us to rise up. They have completely militarized local and state LEO's and have stock piled massive amounts of ammo. What I say is to stand firm on our inalienable rights that came to us NOT from a grant of the Government but rather from "our creator".

I've been trying to put more flyers and information about Amerikas decent into tyranny in the hands of LEO's and I leave papers at other government offices and banks too. The people actually interacting directly with the public are more like us...they are just lost in a sea of lies.

Many of our local police are good guys...but they are in their mid to late 20's and have been lied to and mislead about the role of the State and about history.

I'm doing all I can to educate people whenever possible. Leaving articles and letters seem to work best for me. Everyone gets so damn defensive when I try to help them see WTF is going on through converstation. Allowing people to read stuff at their leisure makes sense at this stage of my game plan. Once they read some of the select things I pass out...it allows our converstation (if I ever meet up with them again) to not be so shocking and they don't become so defensive. They have had time to digest some of what I have put forward and hopefully done a little research on their own.

We are all speading the word in the best way we know how....making adjustments as we go along and as we learn from each other. I just never give up. I've got a daughter that is counting on me. Fighting for a better way of life for her is what drives me each day. And I enjoy the heck out of it (most of the time)

My wife and daughter never used to wear my RP t-shirts but since Obama won people have started hollering at me and telling me they now "love" Ron Paul. I get 10 times as many thumbs up and hell yeahs now than I did prior to the election. But, now my wife and daughter are always wearing my RP shirts and I only have 4.

I need more! RP campaign...send me some more :)

Give that man a teddy bear off the top shelf.

First prize, right there to the fellow in the "Don't Tread On Me" shirt...

The entire political system is rigged, and the rigging is backed up by the media. We have to expose the corruption and refuse to be governed by the people engaged in the CONSPIRACY to defraud the voters. Going into their corrupt game and thinking you can vote it away is playing right into their hand.

When go123mph says "Buy weapons and stand up" he is spot on - but I want you to understand there are MANY weapons to choose from. If you decide to buy a gun and hunker down waiting for a shoot out, you will probably die in a shoot out, eventually. So buy a camera, start a youtube channel. Buy a subscription to your local paper and write editorials. If you really want to play politics, buy yourself a PCP seat (and yes, it is pretty much for sale. Spend more than your opponent, you'll probably get the seat.) Most of all, buy yourself some throat lozenges and start using the most effective weapon of all to SPEAK OUT.
If you aren't on a "list," you aren't fighting hard enough.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Amen, Brother!

We need a "Top Ten" ideas of what we can really do to fight this illegitimate system.

Your ideas are also spot on.

I have a local paper I will start with.