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How Would Gun Confiscation Play Out?

I try to imagine just how it would play out in the event that they actually do ban guns and start trying to take them away from us. Would they go door to door and if so then what? Does everyone plan to just shoot them at the door? Hide the guns somehow? Create an army? They have all the big toys compared to the general public. Should we even post thoughts on this at all?

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Well, from what I can tell.

Well, from what I can tell. People will hide them first and deny they have them. Then when the door to door confiscations begin, and LEOs in several states have admitted they are training for this, they will be met with the ultimate in resistance. War is coming. No doubt about it.

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why not check out history?

Guns have been banned by several countries in the past. How did they do it and what was the response?

By the way even the Swiss have some kind of gun laws.


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I responded to the OP that

I responded to the OP that asked how it would play out. My response was based on plans that I've seen discussed by Oath Keepers, veterans, ex-LEOs and other gun owners concerned about this ban. They will try to hide their guns first, deny having them, and when needed will take them out for defense or offense to stop the tyranny. Those are the plans I'm seeing out there and know from the people that I know.

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I imagine that anyone who has

I imagine that anyone who has a 4473 for a firearm and does not have proof (i.e., bill of sale/transfer or police report "stolen") and claims to no longer have it will be indefinitely detained until the weapons show up. That is my guess. I'm sure they have thought of all the ins and outs of how people may try to get around it.

You only fill those out if

You only fill those out if you buy from a licensed federal dealer though. Private sales are still legal in most states. I'm sure these guys will think of something to keep their guns. And I don't know any of them that will put up with being detained over it. They'll fight back. No one I know, and I mean no one, will willingly hand over their guns. The quotes I see are "bullets first," "come and get them," "molon labe," "from my cold dead hands," etc. If they plan to go door to door, its gonna get bloody from what I can tell.

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Other countries, not the US.

History is good to know but it doesn't always pan out.. What you need to do is look at US history to know what happened to oppressors.

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Saw this comment a few days

Saw this comment a few days ago...

"What, you want my guns? Sure!! No problem!! Wait right here and I’ll get them for you. Kids, go get in the old cast iron bath tub in your bathroom for a second or two, daddy has some business to attend to"

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
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Not going to happen that way.

Not going to happen that way. If you come to the door, they will immediately detain you. You will not be allowed to "go get" your guns for them. If you don't come to the door they will knock it down and shoot anything that moves until the area is secured. Then they will ask where they are and they will have a list.

This is IF they decide to confiscate - this may never happen or be a last resort.

You can't create an army.

Individuals will either stand up and follow their conscience or it will not happen.

Many already know who the enemy is. Just start with the news media and the hack reporters.

Then look at who their bosses are in the parent holding company. Once there you quickly uncover the larger "foreign policy" game.

Look at those corporations that tell us one thing via their news arm and then do another (military industrial complex) taking billions of dollars directly from the government all while not paying taxes.

The fight is not a street level fight really. To make right you have to prosecute the top minions and most of these are well known names and media personalities.

My hope is that we can peacefully turn this trend via the 2016 election of Rand Paul.

After that who knows?

a tightening of screws

Once government has a better list of gun ownership, it will be used. A gun tax will be proposed to fund gun regulation. The tax will become progressively larger over time making guns much more expensive to own.

Also, the list of misdemeanors and circumstances for taking away guns will expand. Domestic spats, charges of disorderly conduct, dui's, owing back taxes, financial crimes, and taking anti depressants will be the beginning of a growing list of reasons for the government to take away guns one at a time. Profiling some combinations of a gun owners proclivities, as the Southern Poverty Law Center already does, might also be used to head off gun pre-crimes by gun owners.

Definitions will also be expanded wherever possible to broaden each category of confiscation.

Or this...

'NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina'

The time is not yet ripe

Even in this day and age, it is hard to imagine National Guard or regular and/or reserve forces turning their weapons on neighbors -- even if given a direct order to do so. There is a discretionary component to the Uniformed Code of Military Justice that allows for challenging and even refusing to obey an ILLEGAL order.

But the people would do well to keep a close eye on the availability of small arms ammo; for if the recent run—driven by the post Sandy Hook anti 2nd Amendment crowd—on both arms and ammo is any indicator, the resupply of authorized resellers could become a worrisome situation. With little or no ammo, what good are the arms?

Logic dictates that: Wrong action has to lead to wrong results; and right action has to lead to right results. Period. No exceptions.

They'll do it. I like to hope

They'll do it. I like to hope that at least some of them won't but a large enough group of them will. They won't need that many anyway if they go about it the right way.

It will be a process of a few

It will be a process of a few years. They will tell people to hand them in, some will. Once they collect all the 4473s and build a database, if they haven't already, they will determine who turned theirs in. They will send letters to everyone who didn't saying "you will be prosecuted with $$$$$ fine and felony". Some will turn them in and everyone else will say "I don't have them." Then they may start doing searches... randomly, in the middle of the night. They won't go into an area and walk around because word will spread and they will get massacred. They'll pick your house and 10000 others throughout the country one night and then 10000 other the next night. No way for you to organize and mount an offensive.

it will be definitely

it will be definitely something like gulag archipelago. plain clothes men. "oh it' nothing, we just wanted to ask you a few questions, no, you're not under arrest. can we go somewhere and talk to you?"

your idea of it is very scary. and that would seem very effective in disarming the populace. your idea is so scary that it might work for them.


I imagine

They'll ask/demand you turn them in first. Those who don't comply, I imagine it will go like this http://youtu.be/tta1qhQZWSE

The other stuff - we'll just have to see.

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That won't work - they would

That won't work - they would get slaughtered that way. In my post above I mention a way they could go about it. Once they have a list compiled and it looks like no one else is turning in their weapons they will do random raids across the country per night. In each town, they will go to maybe a few random houses per night. You will never know which night they are coming to your house and your neighbors who are like you will also not know they are at your house. There will be no way or time for you or anyone else to organize. Even if you let people know about what they are doing and they have started confiscation there will be no way to counter it. Unless everyone goes on neighborhood watch 24/7 waiting for them to strike. Not going to happen... people are trying to live their lives and go to work, etc. they are going to be sleeping through the night, not 100 people looking out their windows waiting to make a counter offensive. Besides, they won't be hitting-up your area every night - it will be random. Even if you watch a couple nights you will get lax and they will hit-up a house the next. A guy who lives on his own property down the road... how will you even know they are there? At night and 5-10 minutes average to bust in and disarm/detain. search may take 30 minutes. You might hear a few random gun shots, if you aren't sleeping.

They will use overwhelming force and drones. Every door and window will be covered and anyone converging on your location will be seen by drones. They will place snipers around, etc. So, they will be maximizing force per individual and instantaneous action.

The only way to stop it is to strike where they would be quartered, i.e., their HQ. Then they will call you a terrorist, etc., etc.

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A famous gun person

who many on this site would recognize, stated privately that you should not wait for them to come to your door. Rather, find out where they have their morning coffee and whack them there.

Of course, I personally do not expect things to go that far. I believe, and indeed I hope and pray, we will restore the Constitution through peaceful means.

However, if they are coming for my guns, they likely will label me a terrorist anyway. The very notion of gun confiscation makes my blood boil. As a Christian, I know where I'm going when my life ends. I'm not afraid to die.

Even if only 1 in 10 gun owners in America have the opportunity and the will to resist, how will the sh1tbags attempting to take our guns prevail against an army of 8 million? I hope they come under the authority of the United Nations; those blue helmets will make wonderful targets.

Yeah I've Seen That Video

But that video is on an unsuspecting city that had just gone through Hell. AND these national guard guys didn't really have time to think about what they were up to. I heard an interview of a 21 year old that took part in that mess in New Orleans and he is haunted by it. It sure leaves lots of room for speculation doesn't it?