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Beck interviews Jillette - very good interview!

I still think Beck is a tool, and I am sure that as soon as there is an election involved he will be back to shilling. In this blissful post-election period, he is downright lucid.


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It was a good video. Although

It was a good video.

Although Beck was wrong that gay marriage somehow violates the liberty of anti-gay Christians or believers. That's absurd. Straight marriage does not violate my liberty anymore than gay marriage would violate his. I wish I were in the audience to point that out. lol

whatever way the wind is blowing.

wasn't he (beck) pretending to be mormon until romney lost?

I doubt he's read many books let alone written any.



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Love It, Thanks


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Evolution in action?

I've always been lukewarm toward Glen Beck because he seemed to 'get it' on some issues, then be totally clueless on others. What we seem to be watching is Mr. Beck evolving toward a more and more libertarian approach.

I've seen this evolution before. It's thrilling, but painful, to watch. When a person starts to see the whole picture, they still hold many of their old beliefs and must confront them, one at a time, and examine them and discard (or keep) them in light of the new understanding. Glen Beck seems to be doing that.

Great interview. I have a lot of respect for Penn in his ability to expound of libertarian principles without overwhelming the people whose thoughts are still evolving.

Oh, I don't think Beck is evolving.

He is shape-shifting for ratings. Like I said, as soon as there is an election in play, he will play his part in making rigged elections look legitimate, and like they are the only thing we can do. I've watched this over and over, too. What I find thrilling is watching how far they have to go to play "libertarian" to try to keep us placated.
When Beck says "There was a CRIME on 9-12" (since he claimed that date for his own) then I will believe we are witnessing evolution. For now, we are watching an actor seeking applause.

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