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Ok, I now see...

Pete's not been successful.

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Good comment here.

The Truth Marches On...
Submitted by Dixon Cannon (not verified) on Mon, 05/10/2010 - 6:08pm.

A hand picked jury, a Federal Judge, a Federal Prosecutor and a prison sentence does not change the TRUTH of the matter. The Federal Income Tax is unlawfully applied and we're still "Non-Taxpayers". What did Churchill say?...""Truth is incontrovertible. Ignorance can deride it; panic may resent it; malice may destroy it, but in the end - there it is."


Pete is right.. Most do not have an obligation to pay taxes. Even the Supreme Courts have ruled so. As much as a joke that is, in itself these days.

I do not however, advise people to not pay them, because they will come and get you once they figure it out. I choose a different route of non-compliance.. If I become "poor" I'll have no obligation, even in their corrupt eyes.

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It will land your ass in jail. You have to understand that federal reserve notes are Private Credit. When you endorse their use, you imply the penalties for it's use.

STOP ENDORSING PRIVATE CREDIT, and you will no longer be compelled to endure it's penalties.

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Even while Pete may of found a loop hole, he was still endorsing private credit. I've known quite a few individuals start having IRS problems after a number of years with success with CtC, however now they are wishing they never did as they owe that money back.

This landed him in jail.


There is no "legal recourse" against an illegal entity. If the Mafia owned all the judges and all the police, and you decided to take a stand against organized crime and stop paying YOUR "protection fee" - you would (I presume) not be surprised when the Mafia enforcers showed up. Would you then call the Mafia-owned police for help?
Pete may be right as rain, but the legal system is broken to the point of being there only to sanction WHICH criminals get to rob, rape and pillage. Pete is not among them. Neither are you and I.

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