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What is the future of the assault weapons ban issue?

What is a realistic expectation regarding this issue? I'm a life long gun owner, but haven't involved myself on the assault weapons ban topic until the Newtown incident. What is the likely outcome of this? A full ban? Smaller magazines? Or hopefully it will be a hot issue that goes away...

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It starts with banning manufacturing of large capacity magazines

and many long rifles. I wouldn't be surprised if they also decided to go after high capacity pistol mags. They might also raise taxes on the manufacturing or sale of ammunition. This combined with the DHS buying every bullet in sight will push the price of ammo so high that many will not be able to afford it.

Next will come the mandatory licensing of any currently owned guns that fall under the ban. This will force law abiding citizens to make the choice between registering their weapons with the Stasi and be fingerprinted or becoming a criminal for not registering.

A year or two will pass and another tragedy will happen. Then there will be a call for all people who have registered firearms to turn them in or be raided.

Those who do not comply will be given the Waco/Ruby Ridge treatment.

Most likely...

A "more acceptable" ban at first, with 10-round magazines, and no evil "assault-rifles". Then they'll wait for another, inevitable murder (as we're not addressing real problems in the society this is bound to happen again relatively soon) with either a handgun or one of the "unbanned" semi-rifles to further the ban, and possibly bring the registration. Then they will wait for it to , again inevitably, happen again, and they'll further increase the severity of the ban and so forth.

This can be done in 10-15 year increments until the people get accustomed to their new limitations. One need look no further than the Hughes Amedment in 1986. This amendment prevented ordinary citizens from owning real assault-rifles and modern machine guns (prior to this you'd be able to get them under the NFA for a reasonable, normal price. Today you can only get pre-1986 machine guns, and they are largely limited to rich collectors due to the price inflation via artificial scarcity that the Hughes Amendment imposed on them). So, today it's almost accepted as that it'd be really weird to be able to buy "machine guns" , yet for a period of 50 years people were able to buy them without any incidents. Today we're fighting for the right to have a plain ol' semi-auto rifle. Once they take that away they'll be coming for handguns and revolvers.

These things happen in small steps , not all at once.

Unarmed people demand armed people put down their weapons.

How do you think that will play out? First, we will have a staged "gun nut" (who will be on SSRIs and not able to remember anything about the event) who wipes out a crowd of "innocent, defenseless gun ban supporters" and then the defenseless gun ban supporters will demand mean people with guns put them down and when nice people with guns say "That does not apply to me, I am a nice person with a gun" the defenseless gun ban supporters will demand the military come in and defend them with THEIR guns because, well, they put down their own guns and now they are defenseless gun ban supporters.
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