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Outlawing Guns in Cities = Requiring Cell Phones only locked in Trunk

Cell Phones while Driving and Guns in our Cities Is Banning Then the Solution?

Many are killed or injured by drivers on a cell phone, some even on the Internet. If phones in cars were illegal outside of being locked in the trunk, there would be fewer traffic deaths not only in the US, but in Europe and Asia as well.

Clearly if there were no guns in this world there wouldn’t be gun deaths. Places that has successfully outlawed most private use of guns like England have far fewer gun deaths.

So the question is, what about the situation in a car where almost everyone agrees there is an emergency need for a cell phone? There is less agreement about there being an the emergency use of a private gun. However there are a few raw situations such as an elderly man repeatedly robbed of his Social Security check by intruders until one day when they came he fired a newly obtained gun in their direction and they ran away.

Cars could be equipped with cell phones on emergency frequency with a charge of $5 a minute for phone calls and when using it in an emergency just fill out a report on the emergency and get your charge debited back to your account.

By the way there could be free phone calls when a car isn't moving.

Gun owners could pay a $1000 bond and keep their guns in smart boxes chained to their beds and carry with them when they are awake, like having a briefcase or back pack or with a tiny pistol, a side pack. The box would have a fingerprint lock on it so a principle or even a few teachers would have the box with them and every time they clicked it open in a gun free area simply fill out an emergency report and have their $1000 bound debited back to their account.

The NRA and a lot of gun owners keep talking about a Constitutional right to a militia. Why not a real militia like in Switzerland where every adult who qualifies would be able to join their particular state's militia like the Ohio National guard and take a government issued automatic gun home with them.

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The Constitution disagrees

We are not to be charged any type of fee to exercise our rights.
I can't really even tell what your cell phone / gun connection is, but it is not working for me. You cite that England has less gun crime, but fail to mention the increase in overall crime. You seem to me as if you want people to compromise, take a little gun control (for the children?)
NO, no, and hell no. A right is a right, and half a right is a wrong.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Insurance Companies and Gun Oganizations coud help

Insurance Companies could offer free cell phone service in cars when they are still and start with 25 or 50 cents a minute if cars are moving and handy busy message that in 30 seconds of talking on a message the car phone would ring.

And Gun groups could push finger print locks on smart lock gun boxes, and again municipalities could make an illegal gun that is locked up less of a crime,


In Philly PA RichardKanePA

What could have save Adam Lanza's mother's life

For starters even this month insurance companies could start with a $ 3 or $4 a month reduction in their insurance rate.

With guns gun groups, they could team up with smart box fingerprint locking companies to push the lock boxes, and an alarm go off at a central office is the smart controls are messed with, This is probably the only idea that could have save Adam Lanza's mother's life.

She knew her son was dangerous and was trying to get him declared incompetent so he would receive locked up help. Since her son was a computer whiz though she could afford a fingerprint locked box it wouldn't help without a hair-trigger alarm system

If one had to make a report every time the gun was unlocked in a no gun area, there would be a concerted effort got the technologist to put the fingerprint controls right on the gun to make a need for less reports. Police officers are clamoring for fingerprint locks to be produced, they and other gun carriers know how easy it is to be killed with ones own gun.


In Philly PA RichardKanePA

Gun rights advocates get booed


You would notice that those opposing stick gun laws get a minus 10 on the above site, However I got a plus 12. So there are ways of talking about gun rights without getting booed by gun banners.

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In Philly PA RichardKanePA

Of course they up-vote you

You are advocating gun control. You do not speak for me. Weapons should be easy for the user to get to but secure enough not to be taken away, as the holsters law enforcement officers use. If you are not home and there are weapons there, they should be locked up. Either way, I will not be tolerating any federal gun control measures. Every generation, like a frog in a pot of water, government thugs use tragedies that unfortunately happen in a free society to remove more and more liberties from the American citizen. You gun control nuts have already cost us automatic weapons with your "I just want to fit in" attitude but don't think that you are fooling anyone about which side of this issue that you are on.

I guess I'm not alone

Actually, I dont like guns but I more dont like what the efforts

I dont like guns but I dont like what trying to ban them does to the efforts for ordinary people to organize around bread and butter issues.

I dont like that 11 libertarians and 11 liberal democrats came together and demanded defense cuts only to evaporate as soon as the elementary school shooting happened.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA

I dont like what the efforts to ban guns does to ordinary peopl

I dont like the way hot button issues get in the way of people organizing around bread and butter issues.

I dont like it that our jails are full not only because of pot but something called illegal gun.

Children are raised without a mother because her boyfriend demanded she give him her gun.

Adam Lanzas mother could have locked her guns up with a finger print lock but her son was a computer whiz.

Perhaps the first thing we can all do is that the next time a mother is in such a desperate corner there would be a place she could call for help before she is dead.

I have friends and relatives that like to drive and cell, I consider it as dangerous as a lot of guns lying around.


People are dying because among other things the driver is on the phone.

For a number of reasons our country is heading for bankruptcy. I have the perhaps mistaken belief that we can find solution's rather than just hurl blame.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA

Poor judgements

on other peoples' part have absolutely nothing to do with me. You cannot protect everybody from themselves or those set on doing harm. Fortunately, you are as likely to win the lottery or die from a bee sting than being killed in this fashion. What are you even doing here? Your comments more resemble comments on The Huffington Post than here. You are not for liberty. You are for tyranny. Even a little bit of oppression is still tyranny. You have the right to say and think what you wish but expect to be called out on your push of statist propaganda on this site.

I guess I'm not alone

I came to this site with my $5 a month after registering Republi

After registering Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the Pennsylvania primary. Due to hearing him speak I also became to wonder about what it is that allows people to be free.

AustinDave, I am sure there are places where you can hear yourself think without interference from people Ron Paul brought into the discussion.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA

It just seems to me

that when really contemplating what makes people free and able of self governance, that you must consider the right to keep and bear arms as the core tool to promote equality and limit oppression from the state. England does have a low gun death rate but their violent crime rate tops the board. After Australia's gun ban violent crime skyrocketed, including a 30% jump in rapes. The physically strong prey more easily on the weak. Ron Paul repeats a Robert A. Heinlein quote all the time: "An armed society is a polite society." I tend to agree with this quote and have come to realize that those that would do you harm have the most to gain by disarming you. With this belief in mind, I will be at the frontline opposing any attempt to restrict the right of people to adequately defend themselves.

I guess I'm not alone

Let’s Stereotype kid with shoplifter hoodie trailed by a mugger

Response to Austin

If my suggestions were accepted George Zimmerman would be trailing Trayvon Martin with his gun in a locked box strapped to his side, and since Zimmerman would have already lost his 1000 dollar bond for his excuse for unlocking not accepted earlier, he would have had to call 911 for permission to unlock the box, and the dispatcher would have told him to hand the phone to Trayvon Martin.

If carrying of secured guns were allowed the Joker could have been shot at, but if so he would not have wasted time to go back to his car when his powerful automatic jammed from him overloading it.
The principle in that elementary school could have had a secured gun but it probably wouldn’t have saved him

Austin Dave, if you attacked an undercover police officer, especially one ignoring orders to cease following you, thinking you were defending yourself from what was dressed like a mugger, and you were going in and out of a comma would you want the gun lobby defending you or the officer who shot you?

Switzerland has a strong militia, every volunteer, to the equilateral of a US state national guard, is issued a powerful gun by the government, which they make into an ordinary gun upon retirement, with laws against modifiable guns.

Advocates of all sides of Hot Button issues keep America arguing instead of solving our problems. The American people strongly believe the earlier the better when it comes to abortion but advocates on both sides stop such suggestions.

In Philly PA RichardKanePA