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Difference Between Constitutionalist and Anarchist?


Eventually you'll all come around. Let's stop worshiping the Constitution guys, the founders were men, not Gods.

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The truth - she is pretty today! And if the mothers of tomorrow sound like this....

Anarchy is not chaos. The State as it currently exists is chaos. I cannot fly without giving implied consent to be sexually assaulted. That is "lawful" by the State's concept of lawful. And they have millions of passengers submitting to the arrangement, which gives it "color of law"- if everyone obeys it, it must be just. Right?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Common Sense

by Thomas Paine is a good little read. It does seem the more government we are exposed to the less common sense we have. The constitution is by far not perfect. That being said, with the current level of education in our society and the lack of the majority to enlighten themselves I feel a voluntary society could not exist.

Common sense was published in 1776, by 1803 when the french where overthrowing their government they sent emissaries to the USA to see how we restructured, the emissaries went back claiming it will never work in France because all the Americans are lawyers. Today even our lawyers are not lawyers. In 1776, Americans were educated. To collapse our continuity of government now would yield the same results as the French Revolution which yielded a dictatorship under Napoleon.