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For all those who think we are running out of oil

Lindsey Williams is right once again....


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There is alot of oil out

There is alot of oil out there but that's not the problem.The problem is production is not keeping up with consumption.This will end the days of cheap oil and that's not even accounting for the end of the petro dollar.That is why you must have gold and silver to protect your purchasing power.When the price of oil goes up so will just about everything else.


Someone drew a graph based on no data?

Try some of these:

Discoveries have to come before production (Peak 1960s):

We'll always have oil

The threat to the american-way-of-life is a decline in the rate of production.

Here's the argument in a one hour lecture by Albert Bartlett, Physics Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado. (4.75 million YouTube views for a math lecture)

Arithmetic, Population, and Energy


If the planet was running out of oil I do not think there would be so much outsourcing overseas unless it was some kind of mad dash till the end lol

....and how come there is so much tupperware and packaging and the price of lubricants has not drastically risen?


Remember we can still trade

Remember we can still trade worthless paper for oil.(petro dollar)
Once that ends,look out below!Whoever hasn't prepared for it is going to see a drastic change to their quality of life.

it is a mad dash until the end


that's exactly what's happening.

What an idiot.

This isn't a link related to Lindsey Williams. It's a faked graph on a facebook page with some nut job claiming it means we have no problems with oil.

This Williams is more of a fear monger and conspiracist than anyone I've heard of. He doesn't know the first thing about one subject he talks about, he misstates science all the time and then makes all kinds of presumptions based on misleading facts.

When he can discuss peak oil on the actual problems and facts that it relates to, I'll join in to set him straight. Til then, it's not worth any amount of time.

williams had nothing to do

williams had nothing to do with this report. LMAO... it just backs up what he has been saying all along.

I didn't see a report

just a graph. Is there an explanation of where the data is from, and how it was collected? Aaah, maybe just humor..