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Gonna Build A Smokehouse

Okay, I know the english is not proper but this is how I arrived at this destination.

Last month, November I happened to be so lucky to win a gumbo cookoff! (Lafayette and all points south) Well Susan says I was lucky. She was convinced I didn't have a chance. Although, I told my wonderful bride and everyone that would listen that I don't compete without winning. LoL! I took first place amongst many great cooks from cajun country. Although my name doesn't sound like Thibodeaux, Ardoin, Thibeau, Boudreaux, I come from a family that started their children cooking from age six. (LOL did the same to mine and now all his friends from ULL just wait for him to cook).

I am quite honored that everyone (350 people) liked my Shrimp and Andouillie gumbo but, now I am going to build a smokehouse to cure my own Boudin and Andouillie sausage. Might even smoke a little bread(un-usual but not if stuffed as I have in mind).

I have been online looking for a good permenant design for a smokehouse and now I want my family's(DP) ideas on the perfect smokehouse for as little money as possible. I am more interested in design than anything.

Heck if I pick your design I just may cook you a special meal.

Thanks everyone,


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I've seen one

Made out of a cardboard box, rod, temp gauge, wood chips, and hot plate.

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So have I my friend but that

is not what I am looking for just now. I changed the post somewhat for I want a more permenant smokehouse, although I also would like to hear and see more designs for on the road so to speak.

Also the safety aspects for smoking meats. The how too's.

Can't expect to stay at home forever!


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