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Treason On The Potomac: Are The 3 Branches Of Government agenda driven?

Treason On The Potomac: Are The 3 Branches Of Government agenda driven?

It is apparent to me from the many years I have been involved in studying politics, that the 3 braches of government don't give a lick about following the constitution or the rule of law.

Instead of protecting our liberties as mandated by the constitution, these people lie, cheat and steal away, little by little our birthright by inacting unconstituional laws the founders would have found evil and treasonous. They're a bunch of gutless cowards who's only desire is to get re-elected while making our problems worse by every law they enact.

Everything is talked about in terms of left and right instead of right and wrong.

Further, the compliant mainstream media incourages the left right nonsensicle controversy, never really getting to the root causes of our demise.

Obamacare legislation was written by the insurance companies. Members of congress didn't even read the proposed legislation, but voted for it. Why? Just look at the mess these so called "LAWMAKERS" have created...Agenda driven? Sure looks like it to me..Look at what the Supreme Court Did.. Agenda driven? Kinda looks that way...Obviously unconstitutional..Even a moron could see what justice Roberts ruled was very bizzare and nonsensicle..

Lately, this country has had a rash of mass shootings resulting in many deaths. Why? All of a sudden we have multiple shootings, lone gunman, out of their minds, foaming at the mouth. The media is there to run cover for the snakes in the congress Instead of looking at the root cause of these troubled killers going off, they want to disarm all americans. Enter Di-Fi and her sick minded gun banning ideas, just in the nick of time to start the new year...Agenda driven? You tell me!

Question: Why doesn't the media, the congress, the senate ever talk about root causes? Why do they always want to take our rights away? Why do they all seem to ignore the real causes of societal breakdowns? The answer is either they don't know, which is a lie, in my opinion or there is an unspoken agenda to disarm all americans.

All of the events dating back from the Bush administration: the attack on 9-11, the banker bailouts, TARP, Obamacare, the rash of mass shooting, has led us to the most important and last vestige of our freedoms..."THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BREAR ARMS"..They must capture our guns to finish the game and that game is called THEY WIN...WE LOSE..

Bye Bye Miss American Pie!

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The BAR association controls all three branches of "government."

They write the statutes, vote on them... tell the president what to sign... and the Supreme Court by and large rubber stamps what they do.

Ever since the civil war our country has been subverted by the BAR association which is controlled by the banksters.

Well Said


You spelled Potomac wrong.

You spelled Potomac wrong.

Yes I Did Indeed..

Thanks for catching that error...

My Feelings EXACTLY!

Excellent rant! I agree 100%!