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Whats up with Israel Anderson of Ron Paul Flix and Ron Paul forums?

Israel has been hawking some Isagenix pyramid weight loss scheme to the folks who subscribe to his Libertarian Facebook pages etc. If you question his using his (hopefully former) status in the movement for this purpose he'll block you, as he did to me on https://www.facebook.com/amilibertarian?ref=stream What do you guys think, is he trying to exploit the movement or more power to him?

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Israel Anderson is a confused hypocrite

I wouldn't have cared about Israel Anderson exploiting his Ron Paul connections for personal profit (since when are libertarians opposed to profit) but he totally condemns the owner of ronpaul.com of exploiting the Ron Paul name and his liberty connections for profit. By that token, this page must be exploting Ron Paul's name for profit too. I note that Anderson's ronpaulflix contains advertising, so who is exploiting the Ron Paul name for profit, again....? Sheesh.

Israel Anderson has got some loopy ideas about profit and who is allowed to make it. According to him it is bad that the evil pharmaceutical industry makes a profit. It is bad that medical profession makes a profit They are just trying to keep us sick, blah, blah, blah. The medical quackery industry, however, is totally justified in making a profit, because, um, Anderson subscribes to medical quackery.

Basically, if medical treatments are scientifically proven to work in double blind studies but cost patients lots of money they are bad. If alternative treatments have never been proven to work but cost patients lots of money they are good. Conducting "research" means reading medical quackery and conspiracy websites like NaturalNews and mercola.com.

Israel Anderson will unfriend you if you disagree with this.

Agree with your heading and first paragraph

But after that I think you're the confused one.

Israel is a working man and a

Israel is a working man and a good person. I suggest if folks want to lose weight and get in shape $429-$329 (depending on ski resort) for the year for a ski pass and walk the colorado mtns in the spring and summer. You can also go backcountry and spend 100-200 in gear and bypass the ski resorts and their passes!

It is not rocket science, exercise and stop eating fast food, though i need to break my coke habit! coca cola;)

Ron Paul 2016

It looks like a good product

It makes me a little sad that anyone trying to network in the liberty movement is likely to face accusations like this. If you don't want to participate, don't. If you are looking for income and maybe you need to lose weight, would you rather go to work for a corporation? Would you rather get an Rx for a pill that will help you lose weight (don't mind the anal leakage...?)
I don't know Israel, but from what I understand he has had great success with this stuff, why wouldn't he try to market it?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Network marketing is called that for a reason.....

Because you market to people in your existing network. I do not see anything wrong with what Israel Anderson is doing, he has even spent time trying to get me to sign up to Isagenix and I am giving it serious consideration. I used to sell Amway too just like Doug Weed but I have moved on to Numis Network since then because I think Numis has a better compensation plan than Amway did and I would rather help people collect assets (Silver and Gold) rather than sell consumable products because I want to help people develop wealth and personal financial freedom.

Would you rather spend your money on products that are being sold by Socialists? Or would you rather put your money back into the Liberty movement by supporting Liberty oriented businesses like Doug Weed and Israel Anderson's Isagenix or my Numis Network?

I know Israel personally and he is a really nice guy. He chooses to sell Isagenix and I sell silver premier club memberships and numismatic Silver and Gold coins to people who want to join my Numis Network and then I help them build up their Numis so they can start receiving their Numismatic graded Silver coins for free each month.
( www.numisnetwork.com/jonfye )

Israel had every right to block you from His facebook group/pages if you were causing trouble for him on His pages, the keywords there are "His pages". It is easier to market to folks who are already in your network than trying to market to people who have no idea who you are. There is nothing wrong with marketing products to your friends and people in your network as long as you are marketing a solid product and not ripping people off and being dishonest or scamming them, and I know Israel is not dishonest or ripping anyone off or scamming them so I don't know why you are complaining.

I ran for State Representative here in Colorado and became networked with hundreds/thousands of people in the Liberty movement myself in the process. I don't see anything wrong with capitalizing on those connections I made with other people. I am a Capitalist after all.


great comment

I didn't believe Doug Wead was doing anything wrong either.

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What I found on a quick yahoo search


I don't use yahoo, but i'm at a friends after new years eve partying, and that is the default search engine on their comp. I did a yahoo search for Isagenix. The above link was the 1st search result. I am surprised! It actually seems objective.

So, after reading this, I am considering purchasing this product for short term weight loss. Beyond that, I think it's up to me to keep it off.

I don't care if someone is using the liberty movement to market products, if they actually work. I was surprised to find that the above link from search results only criticized the MLM aspects, but actually appeared to give the product itself a good review. That kinda blew me away.

So, in conclusion, I don't mind famous people in the liberty movement marketing products, as long as they perform as advertised. Alex pumps Propure all the time, big deal.

Different Drumming

Let's deal with it.

Marketing is communication. When it works most sustainably it is premised upon trustworthiness. We have a community where credibility and dependability has value, as it should. These alternative sites are our hometown main street market squares.
Progress in trade comes from exchange and reaching out. As we come out of the woods and gather at trading posts our goods may be distributed farther.


May we each, and the cause generally thereby, prosper in the new year.

Let Them Be In Business

Sounds like all Israel Anderson is doing is advertising his business. What is wrong with that?

As for Doug Wead, he was a Diamond in Amway for years. I believe he addresses this on his blog. From what I understand, he is in another MLM.

I was in a Amway for years. I learned a lot from he business books and tapes. MLM is no longer for me, but it might be for others.

I would not knock either one of them

Everyone Needs An Income

I agree with you M.G. Why wouldn't it be good for the USA if the nation's wealth shifted to liberty seekers?

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

ytc's picture

I still receive liberty movement related videos from him.

I am glad that he is getting into business. I hope he finds good products to sell/ produce/ manufacture and the right price point to succeed fantastically :-) That's what a free market is about. No?

We need plenty of market-savvy successful entrepreneurs in our movement. . . to be able to support the thinkers, writers, teachers, civil rights attorneys, journalists, allopathic + alternative healers, political representatives and super parents who can teach kids right at home.

Isagenix is not a bad product

Isagenix is not a bad product but it sure is expensive. And in order to keep the weight off, you must use the product forever.

The first version of the product had this wonderful cleanse made from B vitamins and rainforest ingredients. Drinking this product made me feel so relaxed while curbing my appetite. Unfortunately, many people had adverse reactions to the strong supplement. Reformulating the product resulted in a watered down version that does nothing for me.

My friend has around 30 people using the product so she is able to pay for her Isagenix and make a little money on the side. The problem with people in MLM is they are always trying to sell the product to everyone. It gets annoying.

The only way to make any money in MLM is to have a ready made contact list. He has got one. I say more power to him but he sure was rude to block you.

"With enough of us, around the world, we’ll not just send a strong message opposing the privatization of knowledge — we’ll make it a thing of the past." ~ Aaron Swartz

I forgot to mention one more

I forgot to mention one more concern I had with Isagenix especially if you are a die hard natural food advocate. The core products are good and those products are formulated and endorsed by John Anderson.

All the side products of Isagenix don't contain ingredients that match the quality of their core products. Several years ago I noticed ingredients in products that I would never use such as their sunscreen. The whey protein used in the core product shake is from cows pastured in New Zealand; however, the protein used in their protein bars are from another source.

The ingredients of their side products could have changed but always investigate everything.

That being said, some people have had positive experiences with Isagenix.

"With enough of us, around the world, we’ll not just send a strong message opposing the privatization of knowledge — we’ll make it a thing of the past." ~ Aaron Swartz

A couple weeks

ago he hit me up to participate in a conference call with Doug Wead. I was kind of excited about it - looking forward to a good discussion, but they both were hawking products. It was weird, and I was embarrassed for them.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Exactly my point

I too was embarrassed for him and expressed as much to him (which is why I was blocked). I didn't do it rudely, at least not intentionally. I expected at the least a friendly civil discussion on the merits (like this one). I have no problem with Israel using his popularity to start a business or promote a product however I believe pyramid schemes are disingenuous at best. We don't need the Liberty movement equated to pyramid scheme sales and conspiracy theories, it plays into the stereo type the media tries to pin on us and makes it harder to reach broader audiences.

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