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We already went over the Fiscal Cliff

Unless you been living under a rock you should of heard of the Fiscal cliff and how if we do not get a plain soon then in 2013 are taxes are going to go up. Well as of right now the budget committee (which is a joke) is working with Obama to get a deal done fast. There have been guys on the budget committee like Justin Amash who have been throw off of it because he wanted REAL cuts like Pentagon spending. The budget committee still to this day has no plain yet and we all have no idea when one will come about.

Justin Amash just opened up a can of warms and show everyone that the budget committee really does not want real cuts. They only want to cut little here and there. Not big cuts that will effect the growing dept or us going over the Fiscal Cliff. Until the government start doing real cuts we will never end the debt problem we have.

Also we are over 16-17 Trillion dollars in debt. We already went over the Fiscal Cliff years ago. It is just now were it is a huge problem that has to be fixed or else disaster will strike.


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