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Al Qaeda in Yemen offers bounty for U.S. ambassador (WE Created & Control Al Qaeda!)

This makes a WHOLE lot of sense. I guess when you run out of people to terrorize you start terrorizing yourself. That does NOT bode well for us here in the States. What more proof do we need that psycho's are on the loose killing for sport? Wow! :(


(Reuters) - The Yemen-based branch of al Qaeda has offered a bounty for anyone who kills the U.S. ambassador to Yemen or an American soldier in the impoverished Arab state, a group that monitors Islamist websites said.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) said it was offering three kilograms of gold for the killing of the U.S. ambassador in Sanaa, Gerald Feierstein, the U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group said, citing an audio released by militants.

AQAP will also pay 5 million rials ($23,350) to whoever kills any American soldier in Yemen, it said.


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