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Single? Libertarian? Obviously Most of us are not Feverishly Looking for Love but Can We Find it at the Daily Paul?

Please comment if you're currently single and you would like others at the DP to know. As I just commented on another post I've been waiting for the day when someone comes along who would like to stand by my side in this battle for liberty.

I asked a question in chat a few minutes ago:

"Why is there such a shortage of libertarian women?"

The answer was that "Women like to feel safe."

Okay granted a lot of us get into a lot of trouble simply because we assert our rights. Where are the women who find that sort of thing attractive? Our society in this country has gone downhill... perhaps one of the primary reasons is because most women drop men like a bad habit as soon as they prove themselves to not be compliant and especially do not want to be with someone who "questions authority."

When did having a moral compass and unshakable principles become so unattractive?

Please visit: http://www.ronpaulsingles.com/
(recommended by Maeve and posted by pinky33)

margolies womb-less man, 24, on Georgia (within 2hrs of Atlanta)

godfreeus: Looking for females on Minnesota

Kathleen Gee: SWF, 47, No Kids, Non-Smoker, Agnostic, Straight, Relocatable, no drugs, healthy, not a theocrat

funkdefino: A male, fit, 41, on Florida (southern)

dducks: A womb-man also on Florida (southern)

Con.Libertarian: A Man, on Virginia, Richmond

OldNo.7J.D: A Man, 22

HVACtech: A man on a small southern resort town

WeMckay85: A man, 27

JohnGalt: A man, 62 (frequently mistaken to be in his 40s) looking for Love, Recognition, Peace, Consideration, Mutual Respect, Touch, Honesty and Loyalty, currently sojourning in Florida.

RP2WIN: On Florida

ussovereignty: A womb-man, divorced, 32

kelvin: A man, Divorced, mid 40s, Colorado Springs

brigitfey: A womb-man, 44, on Colorado, San Luis Valley

RaulPon: A man, 46, on California, Los Angeles

rambo1028: A womb-man, 36 on Ohio, Dayton

TheEchoPlaza: A man, 29, on Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

IMissLiberty: A womb-man, on California San Francisco bay area

The Libertybelle: A womb-man, 57 looking for funny, rugged Freedom/Liberty/Rancher/Survivalist type guy

BettyLiberty: A womb-man, 48, on California (northern) looking for A man respecting Motorcycles, camping, shooting, cooking, reading, learning, dogs, family, friends, movies, road trips, flea markets, and music.

vincebodie: A man (late 30s?), on California (southern part)

garnet: A womb-man, On California (mid-northern)

eskiegirl: A womb-man, 54, on New York

Smudge Pot: A man, mid 40s

lindalsalisbury: A womb-man, 68

anubisREX: A man, 25

Wondergirrl: A womb-man, gay, 20s

dwalters: A man, 31, on Oklahoma (eastern)

boileruphammerdown14: on Indiana

RP2WIN: A womb-man, 59, on Florida (northern) Dream Man has convictions (assuming not criminal ones) who is a prepper and a farmer.

RicoCabeza: A man who is a prepper on Costa Rica with a farm here:

vinceableworld: A man on Wisconsin, mid 40s and willing to relocate.

As I've indicated in the comments... I'm shocked and pleasantly surprised at the response to this post. Please feel free to PM me if you would like to add/edit/remove something and I'll be happy to comply.

Blessings to all :)

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Thank You for the Kind Reply

"Love and respect"... YES, these are definitely key. And in my experience, each person will value one a bit more than the other. Yet they go hand in hand.
For example, my wife needs to know I love her unconditionally... meaning she needs to know I love her even if she doesn't feel lovely (it's impossible for her to be unlovely) or even if she may act unlovable at any particular moment.

Likewise, my wife knows I need to feel her respect, even in those times when I fail. When she is convinced I love her without conditions, and I feel her unconditional respect, our marriage flourishes. In fact, the more I love her in such a manner, the easier it is for her to show me the respect a man so needs from his wife. And in turn, her unconditional respect, even in the midst of my shortcomings, makes me want to display my love for her all the more.

I got a daughter

If your in or near western NC..love kids (I have 2 grandsons ages 5 and 1) dont smoke, and are 5ft 10in or above (she doesnt like shorter men..sorry)and your 25 to 30..(although I feel she needs an older man one that will help her grow up) by all means..contact me..and I will set you off in her direction. Lord knows that child needs a decent relationship....after what her (soon to be) ex-husband put her through.

She has no idea Im putting this here....but..just email me for details

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Single, 62, Male

I have carried a piece of paper in my wallet since my divorce, December 8th, 1999. On the paper is written: Love, Recognition, Peace, Consideration, Mutual Respect, Touch, Honesty and Loyalty. That is what I'm looking for... and what I believe I offer.
I am most frequently mistaken for being in my late 40s. And, as my screen name implies, I have a problem with authority and an abiding belief in Personal Responsibility.
Not looking for a high maintenance woman... looking for a woman who deserves to be highly maintained. Also, never thought I'd be doing this, especially here, on Daily Paul.
Oh, almost forgot, currently sojourning in Florida, recently out of Oregon but could just as easily be anywhere else.

The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle;
pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity; and
worship without sacrifice: Mahatma Mohandas K. Gan

I'm in North Fla



"Okay granted a lot of us get into a lot of trouble simply because we assert our rights. Where are the women who find that sort of thing attractive? "

actually, i think it's kind of obnoxious when people are obsessed about "asserting their rights." i'm much more attracted to people who are equally concerned about EVERYONE'S rights and realize that going around yelling about "our rights" is often counter- productive.

i wish there were more liberty minded people who realized what Dr. Paul says- it's an intellectual revolution. we have to change minds and hearts and being overly concerned about our OWN rights- makes us selfish and reasonable people are turned off.

I think you're missing the point.

The reason I "assert my rights" is because I want to make it easier for EVERYONE to be able to do it. Asserting your rights isn't exactly very good for your health in this day and age... especially when you have cops thinking "consitutionalists" are "terrorists" and tend to shoot first and don't ask any questions at all.

I know I'm repeating myself, but I believe real men are not

appreciated because feminism has so affected the way people think nowadays. Feminism puts down the masculine so much that most people think a man who "shoots you straight", or won't back down in the face of the majority is just an unkind egotistical jerk. Don't worry though, lots of women are starting to wake up.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

it could be worse

try being libertarian/liberty minded and a Mormon. :) even more difficult.

but don't give up faith!!

I didn't read all the comments, so forgive me if I'm redundant

But what about your local Liberty/Ron Paul meetups?
Every once in awhile I check to see if these groups are alive after the election, and lo and behold, they are.
Certainly like-minded people could be found there.
I also notice some Meyers Briggs talk going on. Those interested might want to find a post/poll done on the DP about a year ago. Graphs were constructed at the close of the poll. Very interesting results too. (My tests have spit out INTP for 25 years.)

Don't limit yourself...

As a searcher of love myself :) I used to limit myself to one category, like for example "she has got to go to church" stuff like that, and for sure you can find love like this by making categories or whatever your reasons are!, but there is a whole world out there and by limiting ourselves or if you want to be more blunt...by judging others and putting people in categories...you limit yourself considerably. Sure there are some things that are a must...but sometimes we narrow the search so much that it leaves us lonely and frustrated! That popular song that is out where she says "we found love in a hopeless place"..well that rings very true! You never know where "love" can surprise you!

As from my experience...there is nothing wrong with "church" women but by saying this is the only place you will look you have already judged the ones that go to clubs or bars, or whatever! One day I just said forget it and started to live life and not make any judgements or limit myself...and you know to my surprise and happiness I found a woman in a place I never thought! For a lack of a better word, she is more "Godly" then many of the women I knew in church...so never judge a book by it's cover, or where she comes from, etc. This is my experience. Also some information...there are many lovely women overseas, you would be surprised...don't just think USA...You just don't know unless you visit!..just throwing that out there..as my wife is from overseas! Blessing to you all in finding that special someone:)

Fear knocked on my door and Faith answered!

So true, I second. I always told myself in my younger years that

my future significant other must be "this" and "that" (my nationality and church-going Catholic), though personally I'm now a passive Catholic...

Eventually, I ended up with a gorgeous, beautiful person (inside and out) who not only is of a different nationality (Chinese)..moreso (of all people), is an agnostic. However, she has the heart, compassion and character that surely beats most so-called "Christians" (or Catholics) I know.

Indeed, never judge a book by it's cover...

Divorced Male in Colorado Springs

Yes, it is tough trying to find a woman to be a true partner when you have libertarian ideology and are old enough to be a supposed "grown-up." I want to find someone who has a similar world view, because in my case, differing philosophies make it such that I feel compelled to act more conventional and not be the real me. I know it's lame, but it's been my pattern and I can't seem to shake it. If I could only find someone who has similar views, I would feel comfortable being myself and we would have a great time together. Unfortunately, I found that most women of suitable age for me (mid 40's) are not liberty minded, so that reduces the pool of candidates considerably... If you are out there, you can email me frmdp "at" nym.hush.com - Kelvin

I Understand

My comments below are on point (re INTJ's).

You're probably an NT, and as such not only in the minority, but especially were feeling it, growing up, because most elementary school teachers are ST's and SF's who tell children "the way things are," in ways that are utterly unconvincing for NT's.

Look for someone with similar views who doesn't expect you to conform, at least in private! You know, already, how awful that can feel.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Hey, Kelvin...

I'm right on the other side of the Sangre de Cristo Mtns in the San Luis Valley.

Who is Jane Galt?

Who is Jane Galt?


good one.

I'm a single female...

44 yrs old that loves men that question authority! Unfortunately that has lead me to involvement with some crazy ones. Now I'm more discerning. I think many Libertarian women tend to get so focused on making a real change in our system, that seeking relationships can easily fall to the wayside. But celibacy is no fun either! How to find that balance between the two?...

I'm 46 and I too...

question authority (from "Left Coast" Los Angeles).

Oh, well...

I'm in CO. This thread goes to show how awesome it would be for us all to socialize more in person...not necessarily some exclusive thing for singles. Despite our diversities we are all kindred spirits on some level!

I beg to differ....

36 yrs old, single, libertarian woman here....who is holding up quite well if I do say so myself. ;) I live in Dayton, OH.

If you like pina coladas...

If you like pina coladas...

and getting caught in the rain.


27 yr old male in Columbus, OH

Do you like sushi?

Very much!

Better late than never! :)


If your in my area I'm available! Message me!

Single Straight Female - Very Libertarian

I see this as partly an INTJ problem, since NT's are the core of libertarian personalities. Of the types, the INTJ's are the most likely type to be looking for another INTJ (instead of an opposite or complementary type) and we're only 2% of the population (if I recall my data correctly).

Anyone interested in me can find out all the important stuff, in the DP archives!

Just remember, you don't have to be a libertarian personality (though I am) to be libertarian, politically. Politically, it just means whatever authoritarian tendencies you have or like you prefer to be chosen by you, and not voters, their elected representatives, and government employees. The field opens up a bit if you look for political libertarians who don't mind (being or subjecting themselves to) a little authoritarianism.

I am an eldest child and can be bossy! But I don't usually resort to threats.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I had to jump into this when I say the NT issue--- the rationals

Someone took a poll here on the DP earlier this (last) year and the Paulites very much leaned to the rational side. Please don't read into this, especially if you are an SF. Sensing & Feeling is definitely something I want in this Liberty recipe---which it clearly is already.
I am a very strong INTP. I retake a variation of the test every few years to see if things change, and have remained an INTP for about 25 years. Pretty consistent.
I must say though, I also consistently fall for the ESFJs, and that track record is not that great.
As far as finding a companion/mate? What about your local Liberty/Ron Paul meetups? Talk about like-minded people!...

I don't know if there is

I don't know if there is truth to it, but if you look on the internet you will find that one of the most compatible relationships is between INTJ's and ENFP.

What seems to really get me into trouble is the T/F part.

I tend to be extremely logical. Take the gun issue for instance--- emotional reaction vs logic and statistics. Also, I can see how a strong P could drive a strong J crazy. The yin-yang of the other aspects however seem to round out relationships pretty well.


I can see it working for an INTJ male if both of them are fairly traditional in their role expectations, but maybe it's me, I can't imagine living with an E, F, or P, even though those are the traits easiest to compromise on: Extraverts can go out leaving the Introverts alone time; Feeling types can help Thinkers express themselves, and Thinkers can help Feeling types not kick the computer; Judging types can make the critical decisions, and let the Perceptives gather data for as long as they want to on the minor ones.

But I'm a well-adjusted INTJ and don't need much help that way. I'd rather be able to just say things and not have them taken the wrong way because the person I'm talking to doesn't imagine I'm attacking them when I'm not. I can see the appeal of an ENFP hubby, but I think my overwhelming feeling would be maternal (ick).

The iNtuitive match is the most important, however, as otherwise the couple are living in two different universes altogether (one sees a brickpile, the other sees a barbeque, walkway, counterweight, or potential lizard habitat). My parents had a Mulder/Scully relationship (INT/IST), and it was great for the kids, but they were in different worlds.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/