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First They Come For Your Hatpins...

Seems like gun control should be a women's rights issue based on this:

"(in) 1908 An English judge, fearing that their pins could be used as weapons in his court, ordered a group of suffragettes on trial to remove their hatpins and hats, an insulting request. In 1909 a bill was introduced in the Arkansas legislature which copied an Illinois law limiting the length of pins to 9 inches or making ladies take out permits to possess longer ones. The pins were considered deadly weapons. As a result ladies had to cut their pins to the shorter length if they wanted to wear them in public..."


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Hat pin permit for these deadly weapons? No thanks.

We'll just take off our stiletto heels and whack people with 'em. :P

3D printed hatpins.

Mark Twain we need you!

It was probably the pandas.

I can hear the false flag wheels a turnin'...

3D printed hatpin murderer

...wearing a Ron Paul hat

...with coordinating Campaign for Liberty purse and glove ensemble.

stabbed thru the heart - the only clue a sheet of paper reading:

'Post no bills' hatpinned to the corpse.

It was probably the pandas.