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The Defense Budget is a Cancer, the Financial Cliff is Chemotherapy

A cancer is an uncontrolled growth. Fists, teeth and long legs to run away etc are part of a body related to survival. The last time the Defense Budget went down was when the Vietnam War ended but not when the Cold War ended. The military expenditure last year was 604 billion. Incredibly while arguing the Fiscal cliff, December 21, this year the House and the Senate incredibly raised the military expenditures to 633 billion dollars.

It is possible if the military budget is actually cut once we will then find the courage to cut at this cancer again.
A 10% automatic cut on January 1 is not enough Chemotherapy to stop this cancer. What else can be done?

11 libertarian oriented Republicans and 11 left oriented Democrats signed a joint Congressional letter calling for Defense Cuts. Justin Amash was booted off the Budget Committee for his efforts.

Suddenly there was a tragic shooting at an elementary school, and since all but one of the Republicans had a NRA rating of 92 or 100% and all but one of the Democrats had a zero NRA score. Suddenly arguing guns at home became more important then spreading them all over the globe.

I wrote article suggesting compromise on domestic gun issues. A thoughtful article, in need of a few thoughtful responses,

I also wrote, The Choice is Between “Guns and Guns”, not “Guns and Butter”

Ron Paul indicated that he will likely vote no on the cliff deal, Bernie Sanders indicated that he will see what the final deal looks like before deciding whether to sign or not. There are also two other Lame Ducks whose term ends Wednesday who strongly oppose this out of control growth, Barney Frank and Dennis Kucinich. I urge Ron Paul to meet with the others and have a joint statement on what conditions they will sign, demanding at least some sort of military cuts. The next vote will be on New Years Day. I hope they get together with a united voice on Defense Cuts.

Please some reader get this to Ron Paul. I am sure he has the ability to contact the rest of the four heroes.

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The financial cliff is a myth

created by our politicians who are in bed with the bankers. They sell bonds (gov IOU's backed by the serfs ie you and me) and in return the FRB engineers "money" "value" based on those bonds. They in turn bought govt bonds with nothing, and in return receive interest on all money that is created, and once those bonds mature they have only 2 options, 1) collect their FRN's in the amount the bonds are worth which means they take their FRN's back that they used to pay for them plus some because the bonds grew in value, or 2) they could use the value of the old bonds and buy new ones or just roll them over. Either way it is a perpetual debt machine designed to always keep us in debt, and always keep the debt growing (for if we were to pay all our country's debts, ie mortgages, municipality, state, and federal there would be zero FRN's in circulation.) That's the genius of voodoo debt currency fractional reserve money manipulation and creation. The bankers are not naive nor dumb, and neither are the pols who are beholden to them (the same cannot be said for the majority of voters which is quite sad.)

If mainstream society keeps going at the same rate with out sanity, it would not surprise me if the next generation see a national debt in excess of quadrillions, however I see other nations waking flushing the FRN USD long before most Americans discover the fraud.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James