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Somone Please Post this on the front page, with video. Video response to Celebrities unite to confiscate guns

Disclaimer: Language
"Demand a Plan? Demand Celebrities Go F**k Themselves"

This is a video response to Bloomberg's prompting of celebrities to plea for gun confiscation.

Could someone please post the links to the youtube video, and the video, on the main front page? i don't know how to do it.

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Great video...

How long will people continue to write check to cable or satellite companies?

These are the most important brainwashing mechanisms of the state. Please STOP watching TV and going to the movies. Brother if you cant let this shit go how will you make real sacrifice when needed?

The commercials alone will twist you kids perceptions of reality.

TV and movies are the platform for these idiots who judge us while they live the king narcissist lifestyle.


Liberty = Responsibility

How about cell phones?

How long will people pay to have a brain frying, tracking device? I got rid of my TV years ago, I don't pay for my own brainwashing. But I pay for my tracking, for now.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Actors Are Just Slaves

If they don't do and say what they are told then they lose their jobs and are made out to be nuts or die some drug related death.