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We Have To End The Fed, Right Now!

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Let me know what you think of

Let me know what you think of this guy, alright?

juan maldonado

While I'm no fan of OWS

I'd love to have this guy on my GOP committee. He's good!!

That's right, because he gets

That's right, because he gets it! Trust me OWS hated us over there! They were created by our government ofcourse, just to convince people that we need to tax the rich! I talked to a lot of brain washed kids out there and hopefully I planted some seeds of liberty. Yeah but this guy is amazing lol.

juan maldonado

He not only gets it.. he dishes it

I love him. YES.. I can see on the vid seeds were planted, and that didn't make those on OWS with their own agenda too happy.. GOOD!

He got through.. and whoever it was that suggested he take a break and rest .. THANK YOU to that guy.. because the man speaking (what's his name?) yeah.. HE GET'S IT GOOD.

My favorite vid of the year!!! Thank you for making my first ny day AWESOME!

No problem. Thanks for

No problem. Thanks for checking it out.

juan maldonado

It makes me happy to know I'm

It makes me happy to know I'm not alone in this. I wonder what needs to happen for the Fed to be destroyed? I'm guessing beforethat happens, they would institute martial law or something close to it. I feel like we're so close guys! I really do man.

juan maldonado