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Government plan for Oathkeepers?


This is what I am talking about - waiting until you get the order will be way too late. We have DAYS to figure out the peaceful way to stop this. If they give you an un-Constituttional order under threat to kill your family if you disobey, you will be no good to anyone. Act BEFORE the order comes- quit your jobs if you must, but arresting traitors would be better.

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Let's do it!

Let's do it!

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

Prepare guys... no one knows

Prepare guys... no one knows what will happen. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


Every VFW and American Legion Post Commanders need to be contacted NOW to call for a nation wide call to arms to make it clear that the line has been drawn and this will NOT stand!