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Do you have enough food?


gmo free, good for 25 years, and tastes great. Coupon code 'lutz' gets about $200 off (this particular packages). Larger or smaller packages available.

I highly recommend this company.

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Slow progress with friends

I have some friends I'm staying with before my big move to Ecuador in a little less than 2 weeks and they are not much into forward thinking or contingency planning. A month or so before Hurricane Sandy I had convinced them to store some water. She filled a 5-gallon water dispenser and bought 3 1/2 gallons of "spring water" at the grocery store. I washed out (with bleach), rinsed, and filled some Arnold Palmer iced tea jugs (they're quite sturdy) that I saved out of the recycling bin. Soon after that we had a wind storm that knocked power out for about 24 hours and the water pump in their well was out of commission. The water we stored came in very handy.

Then Hurricane Sandy came and, although New Hampshire was hardly affected, the news was full of all the poor unprepared people who had no water, food, or gas. The value of preparedness was gaining a firmer foothold in my friends' awareness. On Sunday I built a two-tiered storage shelf over their basement oil tank and loaded it with filled water jugs. Now I'm encouraging them to invest in a one week supply of ready-to-eat foods for the family. I'd like to see them do that before I leave.

Although I am glum about my friends' prospects if/when TSHTF I accept that you can only push new ideas like survival preparation on friends and acquaintances a little at a time if you have any hope of converting them.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Ty for the info

I'd be willing to max out a credit card for it lol. What will be the use of credit cards soon, anyhow?

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No I don't

have enough food stored or money to do so, guess I'm doomed. Looks like good stuff though. Why can't we all just get stuff in bulk, get the mylar bags and food grade containers and oxy packs and make our own packs? It would be cheaper for sure, very much so.
A dehydrator is affordable new or found at a thrift store and you can also make a solar one if need be. The buckets can be found at bakeries or elsewhere. A powerful pellet gun, fishing tackle , snare wire, 22 lr can keep you in meat.
Just throwing that out there.

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